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Husqvarna AX 36 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna AX 36 Operator's Manual


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AX 36, AX 40, AX 48, AX 56, AX 65, AX 90
Operator's manual



Summary of Contents for Husqvarna AX 36

  • Page 1 AX 36, AX 40, AX 48, AX 56, AX 65, AX 90 Operator's manual 2-16...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction..............2 Troubleshooting............11 Safety................3 Storage and disposal............ 12 Operation................ 6 Technical data.............. 13 Maintenance..............7 EC Declaration of Conformity........15 Introduction Product description Intended use The product is a concrete vibrator. The product uses a The product is for professional operation only. The frequency converter or generator as a power source.
  • Page 3 4. Voltage, V Note: Other symbols/decals on the product refer to 5. Current, A special certification requirements for some markets. 6. Production year Rating plate 7. Rated power 8. Phase 9. Frequency, Hz Product liability As referred to in the product liability laws, we are not liable for damages that our product causes if: •...
  • Page 4 Personal safety • Maintain power tools and accessories. Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage • Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use of parts and any other condition that may affect the common sense when operating a power tool. Do not power tool´s operation.
  • Page 5 Vibration safety • This product produces an electromagnetic field during operation. This field can under some circumstances interfere with active or passive medical implants. To decrease the risk of serious WARNING: Read the warning instructions injury or death, we recommend persons with medical that follow before you use the product.
  • Page 6: Introduction

    • Cancer decreases the degree of injury if an accident does occur. Let your dealer help you select the correct • Birth defects personal protective equipment. • Skin inflammation • Regularly do a check of the condition of the personal •...
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    WARNING: Read and understand the safety To disassemble and assemble the chapter before you do maintenance on the vibrator head (AX 36, AX 40, AX 48, product. AX 56, AX 65) To clean the product 1. Remove the end cap (A) from the stator tube (B).
  • Page 8 3. Remove the rotor (J) and the stator (K). Note: The nut (C) has a right hand thread. 3. Remove the hose nipple (F). Note: The hose nipple (F) has a right hand thread. 4. Use an applicable rod and a hammer to carefully push the rotor (G) through the bearing holder (H).
  • Page 9 2. Apply 4 strings of threadlocker vertically on the end CAUTION: Do not tilt the end cap when cap threads. Make sure that you use the correct you install the stator tube. If oil goes on Tightening torque and threadlocker type, refer to the end cap thread, the threadlocker threadlocker type on page 9 .
  • Page 10 (F). remove the gland (F). 7. Remove the switch. 7. Remove the switch. To assemble the hose (AX 36, AX 40, AX 48, AX 56, AX 65) 1. Assemble the hose in the opposite order to how it was disassembled.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    Examine the resistance of the Replace the damaged wires. aged. product. The wires in the vibrator head Examine the resistance in the Let an approved Husqvarna are damaged. vibrator head. service center do a repair of the vibrator head. The ON/OFF switch is broken.
  • Page 12: Storage And Disposal

    Problem Cause Inspection Solution The product The vibrator head becomes too Remove the vibrator head from stops after a hot because the vibration time the concrete and let it become while. out of the concrete is too long. cool. Do not operate the vibra- tor head for a long time without load.
  • Page 13: Technical Data

    Technical data Technical data AX36 AX40 AX48 AX56 AX65 AX90 Performance Voltage, V Phases Frequency, Hz Power, W 1000 1160 Amperage, (A) 42V 11.7 Speed r.p.m. 12.000 12.000 12.000 12.000 12.000 12.000 Weighted effective acceleration un- 3.81 3.81 3.53 3.66 5.04 5.04 certainty (K) m/s...
  • Page 14 Noise and vibration declaration statement These declared values were obtained by laboratory type testing in accordance with the stated directive or standards and are suitable for comparison with the declared values of other products tested in accordance with the same directive or standards. These declared values are not suitable for use in risk assessments and values measured in individual work places may be higher.
  • Page 15: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    Brand Husqvarna Type/Model CF 11M, CF 25M, CF 25T, CF 67T, CF 67TCI4P + AX 36, AX 40, AX 48, AX 56, AX 65, AX 90, Vibrastar 40, Vibrastar 50, Vibrastar 60 Identification Serial numbers dating from 2020 and onwards...
  • Page 16 Concrete Vibrator Equipment Brand Husqvarna Type/Model CFD 67, CFG 25, CFG 67 + AX 36, AX 40, AX 48, AX 56, AX 65, AX 90, Vibra- star 40, Vibrastar 50, Vibrastar 60 Identification Serial numbers dating from 2020 and onwards...
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  • Page 20 Original instructions 1140486-26 2020-03-30...