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Cordless screwdrivers 14.4v
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[3] -4. Motor section and Gear ass'y
(1) Apply Makita grease N No.2 (2g) to teeth portions of all Gears and all Shaft pins portion of the Carrier complete A/ B
and Spur gear complete. (Fig. 1)
(2) Assemble Gear ass'y. (Figs. 24 and 25)
(3) Assemble Motor section. (Fig. 22)
Assemble Motor section and Gear ass'y together while turning Motor bracket in the direction of the arrow.
Then install Switch unit on Gear case, and connect Lead wires of Endbell complete to Switch. (Fig. 26)
(4) Put the assembled part of Gear ass'y and Motor section in place on Housing R, then fasten Housing L to Housing R as
drawn to left in Fig. 22.
Note: Do not forget to install Plate and Lens on Housing R. (See Figs. D-2 and D-3 for detailed information on wiring.)
Fig. 24
Ball bearing
Internal gear 47
Gear case
Carrier complete A/ B
Fig. 25
Lock washer
Fig. 26
Ribs to hold Switch unit must face
the top side of the machine.
Spur gear
13/ 18 (3 pcs)
Shaft pins for
Spur gear 13/ 18
Gear case
Ribs to hold
Switch unit
Gear ass'y
Motor bracket
Motor section
Spur gear
Lock Motor bracket in place
by turning clockwise.
Switch unit
Housing R
Lead wire
of Endbell complete
P 9/13
Spur gear
15/ 19 (3 pcs)
Shaft pins for
Spur gear 15/ 19
Motor bracket


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