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Cordless screwdrivers 14.4v
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iring diagram
(2) Wiring on the Outside of Housing
Fig. D-3
Wiring of Lead wires (yellow, purple) that connect Switch unit with Controller
(These Lead wires are covered by a protective tube and called as "Wire yp" in the drawn below.)
Switch unit
Wire yp
Route Wire yp:
3 under pin A of Housing L,
1 through the groove on Clutch case,
2 inside pin B of Housing L,
6 between the raised portion and flanged portion of
Clutch case,
4 inside pin C of Housing L,
5 through Lead wire holder of Housing L.
Wiring on the shelf portion of Housing
Wire yp
shelf portion
of Housing
LED circuit
Put the following Connectors and slack portion of
Lead wires on the shelf portion of Housing:
• Connectors and Lead wires (including "Wire yp")
that connect Controller with Switch unit
• Connectors and Lead wires that connect Controller
with LED circuit
Be sure to put Connectors and the slack portion
in place carefully so that they are not pinched
between Housing and Clutch case cover.
Wiring on Switch section
Assemble the receptacle on each
Lead wire to the terminal of
Switch section as drawn below.
from Endbell complete
from Controller (blue)
from Controller (white)
Fix Lead wires with these Lead wire holders.
pin A of Housing L
LED circuit
switch side
[Reverse switch side]
Wire yp
raised portion
Lead wire holder
Note: Wire yp must be tight between Switch unit
and Lead wire holder of Housing L.
Wire yp
Switch unit
switch side
[Micro switch side]
Micro switch
P 13/13
Switch unit
pin B of
Housing L
flanged portion
of Clutch case
pin C of
Housing L
Switch section
from Endbell complete
from Controller
from Controller
from Controller


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