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Cordless screwdrivers 14.4v
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[3] -2. Spindle section (cont.)
(3) Make sure that Compression spring 5 is set in place in Clutch section before assembling Clutch section and
Clutch case to Housing. (Fig. 5)
(4) Assemble Clutch section and Clutch case to Housing by screwing four M4x22 (+) Pan head screws. (Fig. 4)
Then put Lead wires of Switch unit and LED Job light in place as drawn in Fig. D-3.
(5) Put Switch lever and Compression spring 2 in the space between Switch unit and Clutch case. (Fig. 3)
(6) Secure Clutch case cover to Clutch case with M4x8 Pan head screw (black). Then secure Ring 38 to Clutch case
with M4x4 (+) Pan head screw (silver). (Fig. 3)
[3] -3. Clutch Section
It is recommended to wholly replace Clutch section (= Clutch assembly) when it is broken.
However, if you need to replace some component part(s) of Clutch section independently,
disassemble/assemble Clutch section as described below.
(1) Take out Clutch section. (Figs. 3 and 4)
Note: Be careful not to lose Compression spring 5. (Fig. 5)
(2) Insert 765027-4 into the hole of Adjust ring complete, and turn it counterclockwise to reduce the tension of
Compression spring 19. M12 Lock nut (left-hand threaded) can be now removed by turning it in the direction of
the black arrow by hand. (Fig. 15)
(3) Remove Adjust ring complete, Flat washer 18 and Compression spring 19 from Spindle. (Fig. 16)
(4) The following Steel balls can be removed as drawn in Fig. 17:
Steel ball 3 (13 pcs), Steel ball 4 (3 pcs), Steel ball 5.0 (3 pcs)
Note: Use a screwdriver magnetized by 1R288 for easy removal of Steel balls.
Fig. 15
Clutch section
(=Clutch assembly)
Adjust ring complete
M12 Lock nut
Fig. 17
Steel ball 4 (3 pcs) and Steel ball 5.0 (3 pcs)
can be removed by moving Cam D towards
the threaded end of Spindle.
Cam D
Steel ball 4
(3 pcs)
Lock nut M12
Cam C/ A
Steel ball 5.0
(3 pcs)
Fig. 16
spring 19
After removing Steel ball 4 (3 pcs) and Steel ball 5.0 (3 pcs),
Steel ball 3 (13 pcs) can be removed by moving Cam C/ A
towards Cam D.
P 6/13
Adjust ring complete
Flat washer 18
spring 19
Steel ball 3.0
(13 pcs)
Cam C/ A
Cam D


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