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Toshiba 48-1250 A Instruction Manual page 27

Low voltage digital solid state starter 48-1250 a
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TD Series
Digital Solid State Soft Starter 48 - 1250A
F002 = Service Factor
Factory Setting = 1.0 S.F.
Range = 1.00 - 1.30
Set value according to the Service Factor (SF) data provided on the
motor's nameplate. This value affects several protection features so it
must be accurate. Setting the SF too high may result in motor damage
in overload conditions. Setting SF too low may cause nuisance trips.
F003 = Overload Class During Start
Factory Setting = 10 (Class 10)
Range = 5 - 30 NEMA / UL Class
Set value to the motor protection overload class required for the
application. It is recommended that you try the factory setting first. (If
possible, keep values for F003 and F004 the same.) Increase F003
above F004 only if nuisance tripping occurs during start. See Section
3.2 for details on trip curves.
F004 = Overload Class During Run
Factory Setting = 10 (Class 10)
Range = 5 - 30 NEMA / UL Class
Set value according to the instructions provided by your motor /
equipment manufacturer. This trip curve will not be enabled until the
motor has reached full speed.
F005 = Overload Reset
Factory Setting = 0 (Manual)
Range = 0 - 2
Set value to determine starter behavior after an overload condition has
When set to 0 = Manual, the operator must press the Reset key
before restarting the motor. Once the motor windings have cooled
sufficiently AND the Reset key is pressed, the unit will accept a restart
When set to 1 = Automatic mode, and once sufficient time has elapsed
allowing motor windings to cool, the motor will be restarted upon a
start command.
Setting F005 = 1 (Automatic) may present significant
operational risk.
When set to 2 = Disabled Overload, a separate external thermal
overload protection device must be in the circuit.
F006 - F009 = Reserved
TD - Series
- 21 -


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