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Toshiba 48-1250 A Instruction Manual page 8

Low voltage digital solid state starter 48-1250 a
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TD Series
Digital Solid State Soft Starter 48 - 1250A
1.2 Specifications and Performance Features Cont'd
Two Stage Electronic
Overload Curves
Overload Reset (Note 1)
Retentive Thermal Memory
Dynamic Reset Capacity
Phase Current Imbalance
Protection (Note1)
(Electronic Shear Pin)
Protection (Note 1)
Load Loss Trip Protection
(Note 1)
Coast Down (Back Spin)
Lockout Timer (Note 1)
Starts-per-hour Lockout Timer
(Note 1)
Type / Rating
Run Indication
At Speed Indication
Acceleration Adjustments
Dual Ramp Settings
Deceleration Adjustments
Jog Settings
Jog function selected via
dry contact closure input)
Kick Start Settings
(Note 1)
Fault Indications
Lockout Indicator
Note 1: Enabled via programming
TD - Series
- 2 -
Advanced Motor Protection
Starting: Programmable for Class 5 through 30
Run: Programmable for Class 5 through 30 when "At-Speed"
is detected.
Manual (default) or automatic
Overload circuit retains thermal condition of the motor
regardless of control power status. Unit uses real time clock
to adjust for off time.
Overload will not reset until thermal capacity available in the
motor is enough for a successful restart. Starter learns and
retains this information by monitoring previous successful
Imbalance Trip Level: 5 - 30% current
between any two phases
Imbalance Trip Delay: 1 -20 seconds
Trip Level: 50 - 300% of motor FLA
Trip Delay: 1 - 20 seconds
Under Current Trip Level: 10 -90 % of motor FLA
Under Current Trip Delay: 1 - 60 seconds
Coast Down Time Range: 1 - 60 minutes
Range: 1 - 10 successful starts per hour
Time between starts: 1 - 60 minutes between start attempts
Programmable Outputs
Form C (SPST), Rated 5 amps
240 VAC max, (1200 VA)
Start/Stop or Start/End of Decel
At Speed/Stop or At Speed/End of Decel
Programmable Ramp Types: Voltage or Current Ramp
(VR or CR)
Starting Torque: 0 - 100% of line voltage (VR)
or 0 - 600% of motor FLA (CR)
Ramp Time: 1 to 120 seconds
Current Limit: 200 - 600% (VR or CR)
4 Options: VR1+VR2; VR1+CR2; CR1+CR2; CR1+VR2
Dual Ramp Control: Ramp #1 = Default,
Ramp = #2 selectable via dry contact input
Begin Decel Level: 0 - 100% of line voltage
Stop Level: 0 to 1% less than Begin Decel Level
Decel Time: 1 - 60 seconds
Programmable to decel or coast to stop upon overload trip
Voltage Jog: 5 - 100%
Time of Voltage Jog: 1 - 20 seconds
Current Jog: 100 - 500%
Kick Voltage: 10 - 100%
Kick Time: 0.1 - 2 seconds
Shorted SCR, Phase Loss, Shunt Trip, Phase Imbalance
Trip, Overload, Overtemp, Overcurrent, Short Circuit, Load
Loss, or Any Trip
Coast Down Time, Starts Per Hour,
Time Between Starts, and Any Lockout


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