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Display Modes - Toshiba 48-1250 A Instruction Manual

Low voltage digital solid state starter 48-1250 a
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TD Series
Digital Solid State Soft Starter 48 - 1250A

5.3 Display Modes

There are three modes of display: the Status Display mode, the Program mode,
and the Fault mode.
5.3.1 Status Display Mode
The Status Display Mode displays three phase motor current information and the
thermal capacity remaining.
Status mode:
[0000.] The initial display on power up is four digits and the decimal. This
indicates the motor current for Phase A of the motor.
[0000] Scroll up to display four digits only (no decimal). This indicates
the motor current for either Phase B or C. While viewing Phase A, press
the UP arrow once to view Phase B or twice to view Phase C current.
[H000] Scroll up to display the "H". This indicates that this value is the
remaining thermal capacity of the motor (as a percentage i.e. H070 =
70% remaining thermal capacity)
Reading Phase Current and Thermal Capacity (See Example)
[0120.] Indicates that Phase A is
drawing 120 amps.
Press the UP arrow.
[0121] Indicates that Phase B is
drawing 121 amps.
Press the UP arrow.
NOTE: Decimal points are not
present in the readouts
for Phase B and Phase C.
[0120] Indicates that Phase C is
drawing 120 amps.
Press the UP arrow.
[H051] Indicates that the motor has
51% of its thermal capacity
5.3.2 Program Mode
Use the Program Mode to view or change Function (Fn) settings.
To enter the Program Mode, press the [Fn] key once. The first time you enter
Program Mode after power has been cycled to the starter, the initial function
[F001] should display with the selected digit flashing. If the TD Soft Starter has
been programmed and power to the unit has not been cycled, the readout will
display the last function viewed or changed.
To change to a different function, use the arrow keys.
Program Mode:
[F001] The "F" indicates the programmable function.
[0000] This is the present setting of the applicable function. This display
may include decimals between digits depending on the function setting's
range and incremental step.
TD - Series
- 14 -
0 120.
Phase A
0 121
Phase B
0 120
Phase C
H05 1
Remaining Thermal
Reading Phase Current
Thermal Capacity


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