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Chapter 2: Installation; Receiving And Unpacking; Location; Initial Unit Inspection - Toshiba 48-1250 A Instruction Manual

Low voltage digital solid state starter 48-1250 a
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TD Series
Chapter 2 - Installation
Digital Solid State Soft Starter 48 - 1250A

2.1 Receiving and Unpacking

Upon receipt of the product you should immediately do the following:
• Carefully unpack the unit from the shipping carton and inspect it for
• Verify that the model number on the unit matches your purchase
• Confirm that the ratings sticker on the unit matches or is greater


Proper location of the TD Series is necessary to achieve specified
performance and normal operation lifetime. The TD Series should
always be installed in an area where the following conditions exist:

Initial Unit Inspection

• Make a complete visual check of the unit for damage which may
• Check for loose mechanical assemblies or broken wires which may
• Prior to beginning the installation, verify that the motor and TD unit


Do not service equipment with voltage applied! The unit can be
the source of fatal electrical shocks! To avoid shock hazard,
disconnect main power and control power before working on
the unit. Warning labels must be attached to terminals, enclosure
and control panel to meet local codes.
shipping damage (if damaged, notify the freight carrier and file a
claim within 15 days of receipt).
than the motor's HP and current rating.
Ambient operating temperature:
Chassis unit:
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Enclosed unit: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Protected from rain and moisture
Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
Free from metallic particles, conductive dust and corrosive gas
Free from excessive vibration (below 0.5G)
Open panel units must be mounted in the appropriate type of
enclosure. Enclosure size and type must be suitable to dissipate
heat generated by the soft starter. Contact factory for assistance in
sizing enclosures.
have occurred during shipping and handling. Do not attempt to continue
installation or start up the unit if it is damaged.
have occurred during transportation or handling. Loose electrical
connections will increase resistance and cause the unit to function
are rated for the proper amperage and voltage.
TD - Series
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