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Toshiba 48-1250 A Instruction Manual page 21

Low voltage digital solid state starter 48-1250 a
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TD Series
Digital Solid State Soft Starter 48 - 1250A
Viewing a Function's Set Value (See Example)
NOTE: If password protection has been enabled, operator will need to obtain
password access before function settings can be changed.
[0000.] Indicates that Phase A is
drawing no current.
Press the Fn key.
[F001] Indicates that this is (function
001) Motor FLA.
To view the F001's value, press
Read Enter.
[0306] Indicates that the
programmed motor FLA
is 306 Amps.
Press the Fn key to return to the
[F001] Press the Fn key again to
return to the Status Display Mode.
Enabling Password Protection / Parameter Lock
The TD Series Soft Starter is shipped with the Customer password disabled
(F060 = 0). If it is necessary to prevent parameters from being changed
inadvertently, set the password in function F060. See Appendix 4 for details.
The display of a customer password is encrypted. If you do not have a record of
the password and need to gain access, contact TOSHIBA Tech Support. Be
ready to provide the TD Series serial number and the four digits in the encrypted
display. If the display reads "Err" when the READ/ENTER key is pressed, the
parameter lock is enabled.
Changing a Function's Set Value
Use the UP arrow key to increment the value of the flashing digit. Use the DOWN
arrow key to decrement the value of the flashing digit. Use the LEFT or RIGHT
arrow to select the next digit to be altered. Values can only be changed within
the Adjustment Range of the function parameter.
Storing the Altered Value of a Function
Once the desired value is displayed, press the READ/ENTER key. This stores
the value in memory. The readout momentarily displays [ END] and then returns
to another function code.
NOTE: If the Fn key is pressed BEFORE the READ/ENTER key is pressed, the TD Series
Starter will not store the selected value in memory.
TD - Series
- 15 -
F00 1
F00 1
Viewing a Function's
Set Value


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