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Toshiba Adjustable Speed Drive H7 Series Specification

Toshiba Adjustable Speed Drive H7 Series Specification

Adjustable speed drives
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Summary of Contents for Toshiba Adjustable Speed Drive H7 Series

  • Page 2 The H7 is capable of producing 200% torque at speeds as low as 0.4 Hz and torque ripple as low as 2%. Toshiba gives you total control over your processes. You can even decide when and how you apply torque to your mechanical systems with an analog input signal.
  • Page 3: Process Control

    RS232/485 and TTL communications ports. In addition standard communications features, Toshiba offers a number of popular industrial communication protocol options including: Modbus RTU, Modbus Plus, Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, Profibus DP, DeviceNet and Johnson Controls Metasys N2.
  • Page 4: Startup Wizard

    Toshiba Understands Motors As a world leader in motor and drive manufacturing, Toshiba has a unique perspective into why and how motors perform and react to the ever-changing conditions encountered in modern manufacturing. Toshiba has married the extensive knowledge gained from being an integrated manufacturer of both motors and drives.
  • Page 5 TOSHIBA H7 Turn Key Solutions Toshibaʼs H7 assembly units simplify installation by allowing you to order turnkey drive packages that combine commonly requested items such as bypass, line filters and common control schemes in preconfigured assemblies. Full Time Online Automatic Tuning...
  • Page 6 H7 SIMPLY POWERFUL 1. Graphics Capable LCD 2. High Speed OptiBus Option Card Port 3. RS 232/485 & TTL Ports 4. Rotary Encoder 5. Remote-Mountable Terminal Strip 6. Three Programmable Output Contacts 7. Signal Isolator Daughter Board (Option) 8. 0-1 mA/4-20 mA Programmable Analog Outputs 9.
  • Page 7 H7 Series Model Range 3 - 150 HP Voltage Rating 200 - 240 V Input Voltage Tolerance �10% Voltage Regulation Main Circuit Voltage feedback control (automatic regulation, 'fixed' and 'control off' selections) PWM Carrier Frequency Adjustable between 0.5 – 15 kHz (ASD specific, consult factory) Control System Sine Wave PWM System- Flux Field Current Vector Control Open Loop Vector, Closed Loop Vector, Constant Torque, Variable Torque, Auto Torque Boost, Manual Torque Boost, 5-point V/f...
  • Page 8: Product Warranty

    Product Warranty Toshiba offers a comprehensive warranty program on its full line of industrial products. Consult your salesperson or the factory for specific information. Need to Know More? Be sure to visit our website located at for the latest...