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Installation Instructions - Bosch RDH 1810 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Congratulations on purchasing this Bosch appliance. You
have acquired a top-quality product, which will give you
a lot of enjoyment.
Please read this installation and operating instruction
manual carefully, then act accordingly! Store for future

Installation instructions

Install the continuous-flow heater as described in the
illustrated section. Observe the instructions in the
The illustrations can be found in the centre of the in-
struction manual.
List of items supplied (Fig. I)
1 Continuous-flow heater
2 Installation template
3 Connection piece for hot water
4 Washer, red Ø 15 mm
5 Connection piece for cold water
6 Washer, Ø 24 mm
7 Mounting bolt
8 Wall plug
9 Securing nut
10 Threaded bushing
11 Cable grommet
Wall mounting (Fig. II)
There are two ways in which the continuous-flow heater
can be mounted on the wall:
– Using the mounting bolt. Unevenness in the wall up to
a depth of 25 mm can be compensated for.
– Making use of the holes that were drilled for the
old heater: Use the mounting template to establish
whether the existing holes line up properly.
Robert Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH
The following describes the installation procedure using
the mounting bolt.
Marking the point for mounting the heater and select-
ing the opening for the connecting cable (Fig. II, A)
Make sure that the connecting cable is isolated
from the mains electricity supply!
Place hole 3 in the mounting template over the cold-
water inlet.
Select the most suitable hole through which the con-
necting cable is be fed. The connecting cable must
pass through one of the six holes marked 14... Termi-
nal BZ 45Z20 can be used if the cable is fed into the
water heater through one of the bottom holes marked
Mark the point 12 at which the mounting bolt is to be
Fitting the mounting bolt and attaching the pipe
connecting pieces (Fig. II, B)
Open up the heater (Fig. II, C)
Punching out the holes at the rear of the heater for the
mounting bolt and the connecting cable
Important: When mounting the appliance, only the
holes actually required should be punched out. Any
other holes that are not going to be used must be sealed
Inserting the connecting cable (Fig. II, D)
Push the grommet 11 over the end of the connecting
Note: Do not use the grommet for a cable with a cross-
section of 16 mm
. The appliance must then be installed
flush with the wall.
Attention: Without a grommet, the
RDH 1810/2110/2410 is splashproof only (IP 24).
Place the heater over the connecting cable.
Press the grommet into the hole in the rear wall of
the heater through which the cable should be fed. En-
sure that the edges of the grommet are flush with the
hole all the way round.
Fit the heater onto the threaded bushing 8 and secure
it in place with the nut 9.
Compensating for unevenness in the wall (Fig. II, E)
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