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Auto Power Down; Auto Function Change - LG RL2 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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Auto power down

This unit will turn itself off to save electricity in the
case were the main unit is not connected to an
external device and is not used for 15 minutes.
The unit will also turns itself off after six hours if
the main unit has been connected to another device
using the analog inputs.

Auto function change

This unit recognizes input signals such as
BT(Bluetooth) and AUX then automatically changes
to the suitable function.
When you try to connect Bluetooth
When you try to connect your Bluetooth device to
this unit, Bluetooth function is selected.
Play your music on the Bluetooth device.
When AUX IN (3.5 mm stereo cable) is
When you connect the portable device to the
AUX IN connector, AUX function is selected.
Play your music on the portable device.
y This function only works with devices that
were previously connected.
y If the Bluetooth connection lock function
is set, Bluetooth connection will be only
available on Bluetooth function. (page 16)



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