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Charging Battery - LG RL2 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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Getting Started

Charging Battery

This unit has a built-in battery.
- By connecting AC power, battery will start
- If Battery charging indicator is in red, this means
that battery is charging now.
- If the battery charging indicator is in green,
this means that battery charging is completed.
For efficient performance of battery, it is
recommended fully charging the device until the
green LED goes off.
- Charge battery for about 9 hours before you start
using this unit for the first time.
y Operating time is approx. 15 hours. (Based
on fully charging the battery and continuous
playback using 50 % volume level.) It may
vary depending on the battery status and
operational conditions.
y If you are listening to the music while
charging, it will take longer to charge.
y Charge the battery fully during the
recommended time after discharge.
Useful functions for using the unit
BT Lock On/Off
(Page 16)
It allows you to connect a
Bluetooth device only on
BT (Bluetooth) functions.
Initial setting of this function
was set to off.
To do
Press and hold N PRESET for 5 seconds in
BT (Bluetooth) function.
Press and hold N PRESET for 5 seconds in
BT (Bluetooth) function.
Do this



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