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LG RL2 Owner's Manual page 4

High power speaker system
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Getting Started
Precautions on handling a
y This unit has a built-in valve regulated lead-acid
rechargeable battery. (12 V/7.0 Ah)
y Do not use the battery in a closed room or near
y Charge the battery under the charging condition
y If any corrosion of the terminals, leakage or
deformation of the case of the battery is found, do
not use the battery.
y If the battery leaks, while protecting your hands or
clothing, remove the battery from the device and
should be extremely careful not to infect the skin
or eyes.
y If the battery leaks and the liquid inside spills on
the skin or clothing, immediately wash it off with
plenty of clean water.
If the liquid splashes into eyes, immediately flush
the eyes with plenty of clean water and consult a
y Avoid mixed usage of batteries differing in type,
manufacturer or history of use.
y Do not throw the battery in fire nor heat the
y Do not short of battery terminals.
y Do not attempt to disassemble, remodel or
destroy the battery.
y Do not place the battery near a child.
y The battery can be replaced. If you need to charge
your battery more and more frequently, it might be
time to replace it. The battery should be serviced
by LG Electronics customer care center.
y Charge fully before storing a battery which has
not been in use for a long period and turn ON/OFF
switch off (OFF). Store the battery in a cool, dry
y During storage of the battery, charge it at least
once every three months. If the battery is stored
for a long period without being charged, its battery
life may be shortened.
y The used battery must be recycled or disposed of
separately from household waste.



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