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Philips SRU8112/27 User Manual

Philips prestigo remote control sru8112.
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Universal remote control
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SRU 8112/27
EN Remote control


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   Summary of Contents for Philips SRU8112/27

  • Page 1

    Universal remote control Register your product and get support at SRU 8112/27 EN Remote control...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Limited warranty Your universal remote control Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips. To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at For quick, clean and easy setup go to: After installing the universal remote control you can operate a maximum of 12 different devices with it.

  • Page 4: Installing The Remote Control

    Insert three 1.5 LR6 (AA) type alkaline batteries noting the + and - configuration in the battery compartment. Be sure to use fresh batteries. Replace the cover and click firmly into place. • The language selection screen appears. Select your preferred language by pressing the corresponding side key.

  • Page 5: Using The Remote Control

    CD player and recorder LCD TV Plasma Plasma TV Audio Amplifier / tuner Tuner Amplifier / tuner Tape Audio cassette tape player and recorder Mini Disk player and recorder Personal Video Recorder (digital video recorder) Digital Media Receiver TV / VCR TV with integrated VCR TV / DVD TV with integrated DVD...

  • Page 6

    FAVORITE T-CENTRAL MENU Cursor keys INFO - VOL + 10 SAP SUBTITLE 11 SCAN - / 5 PLAY / 2 SCAN + / 6 12 REC / 0 STOP / 9 PAUSE / ; 13 REPEAT Thumbs down 4 sets you TiVo Thumbs rating. LIVE TV INPUT Thumbs up 3...

  • Page 7: Selecting Devices

    18 ZOOM REPEAT LAST 19 - CHAPTER + - CH + 20 RETURN QUIT 21 GUIDE 22 IR receiver 3.2 Selecting devices Press the MODE key. • The ‘Mode’ screen appears.The devices that can be selected are highlighted. Only devices for which the remote control is set up can be selected.

  • Page 8: Extra Possibilities

    You can now operate the selected device, using the appropriate keys on the remote control. for this, refer to chapter 3.1 ‘Keys and functions’. • To use the additional functions, shown on the display, press the corresponding side keys. Press ‘Next’ to scroll through the list of functions.

  • Page 9: Devices

    Quickpower Switches the device you wish to operate on / off. Only devices for which the remote control is set up can be selected. • Select ‘QuickPower’, then select the device to switch on / off. Sleep Sets devices to switch off at a preset time.The switch-off time can be set in intervals of 15 minutes.

  • Page 10: Deleting Devices

    4.2 Devices During installation you set up the remote control to operate a number of devices.The ‘Setup’ submenu enables you to add and delete devices at any time. Adding devices You can add a device more than once and save it under a different name each time.

  • Page 11

    Enter the channel number, using the numeric keys. If desired, select a logo (‘Pick Logo’) or enter a label name (‘Label’). Select ‘Done’ to exit ‘Add/Edit’ mode. Select ‘Save’ to save the favorite channel. Repeat steps 6 - 8 to add more favorite channels to the selected user or item.

  • Page 12: Macros

    Press the corresponding side key to select your desired group of favorite channels. • The display shows the favorite channels for the selected user / item. Press the corresponding side key to select the desired favorite channel. • The SRU 8112 sends out a signal and the TV switches to the selected channel.

  • Page 13: Adding Macros

    Editing macros (renaming, adding a key command) Press the HOME key and select ‘Setup’ in the ‘Home’ menu. Select ‘Macros’. • The available macros are displayed. Select the macro (M1, M2, M3, etc.) that you wish to edit. Select ‘Rename’ or ‘Add key’ and follow the on-screen instructions.When renaming the macro, use the numeric keys on the remote control to enter characters.

  • Page 14: Punch Through

    Press the corresponding side key to activate the desired macro. • The SRU 8112 sends out the sequence of key presses for the selected macro and your equipment will respond accordingly. 4.5 Advanced options Press the HOME key and select ‘Setup’ in the ‘Home’ menu.

  • Page 15

    Select a device for ‘Volume’, ‘Channel’ and ‘Play’, using the left or right side keys. For example ‘TV’, ‘TV’ and ‘VCR’. Select ‘Save’. • In this example the volume ( + VOL -) and channel ( + CH -) keys will always control the TV and the play key (2) will always control the VCR.

  • Page 16: Learning Key Functions

    4.6 Learning key functions If you miss certain functions from your original remote control, the SRU 8112 can learn these functions from the original remote control. Tips on learning key functions • Only one original remote type should be learned per individual mode.

  • Page 17: Remote Control

    • You can store a function under any of the available keys, except under HOME, MODE, MORE and FAVORITE, USER 1 and USER 2. • Use fresh batteries for both the learning and the original remote control. Learning Place both remote controls on a flat surface (like a coffee table) and aim them in such way that the IR transmitter (at the top) of the original remote control points at the IR receiver (at the bottom) of the SRU 8112.

  • Page 18: Frequently Asked Questions

    Battery level too low. • Replace the old batteries with three new AA batteries. We recommend Philips Alkaline batteries. How do I set up the remote control for combo devices (TV / VCR,TV / DVD, DVD / VCR, etc)? Some combo devices require you to set up two different source selection keys to control both parts of the combo device.

  • Page 19

    Battery level too low. • Replace the old batteries with three new AA batteries. We recommend Philips Alkaline batteries. The device I want to operate does not respond but the device mode indicator (TV, STB, DVD, etc.) at the bottom left of the display does flash when I press a key.

  • Page 20: Need Help

    Make sure the SRU 8112/27 is at hand when you call our helpline so that our operators can help you determine whether it is working properly. The model number of your Philips universal remote control is SRU 8112/27. If you want to look up the correct device codes for your remote, see

  • Page 21: Limited Warranty

    Only for US - One Year Limited Warranty Philips warrants that this product shall be free from defects in material, workmanship and assembly, under normal use, in accordance with the specifications and warnings, for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

  • Page 22

    © 2008 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the prior written consent of the copyright owner.The information presented in this document does not form part of any quotation or contract,is believed to be accurate and reliable and may be changed without notice.

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