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Honeywell Temaline TS2 Installation Manual

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TS2 (TemaServer 2)
Installation Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell Temaline TS2

  • Page 1 Temaline TS2 (TemaServer 2) Installation Manual...
  • Page 2 In no event is Honeywell liable to anyone for any direct, special, or consequential damages. The information and specifications in this document are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ..............................4 Purpose of this manual ..........................4 What TS2 is? ..............................4 System Architecture ............................4 Device components ............................5 Related documentation ..........................6 PREPARING FOR INSTALLATION ........................7 Contents of the kit ............................7 Optional Parts ............................
  • Page 4 “Access Control System for use in Security Applications” Compliance ............37 Canadian and United States UL Listed ......................38 FCC Notice..............................38 RoHS compliance ............................39 WEEE compliance ............................39 China RoHS declaration ..........................39 Appendix 1 – Meaning of graphical symbols used ..................41
  • Page 5 If a Customer receives a claim that a Product or any component thereof has caused personal injury or damage to the property of others, Customer shall immediately notify Honeywell S.r.l. Italy in writing of all such claims. Honeywell S.r.l. Italy shall...
  • Page 6 Customer harmless for any costs or damages including reasonable attorneys’ fees which Customer may be required to pay as a result of the defective Product or the negligence of Honeywell S.r.l. Italy, its agents, or its employees.
  • Page 7 Confidentiality All software, drawings, diagrams, specifications, catalogs, literature, manuals and other materials furnished by Honeywell HSG –Temaline relating to the design, use and service of the Products shall remain confidential and shall constitute the proprietary rights of Honeywell HSG -Temaline and Customer agrees to treat such information as confidential.
  • Page 8: Introduction

    The connections shown are: • The Ethernet connection: it connects EBI supervision center with all the peripheral devices and peripheral device in peer to peer. • The Power supply connection: it connects the Power Supply device with other Temaline devices.
  • Page 9: Device Components

    • The Lonwork connection: to connect TS2 with Temaline field devices (RTUs). Figure 1 – TS2 typical system architecture Device components This chapter gives an overview of the components of TS2 device; the intent is to provide the main terms used into the installation phase.
  • Page 10: Related Documentation

    TS2 Web interface User manual of the TS2 Web Interface used commissioning maintenance operations. Temaline - installation in Ii is a whitepaper with Temaline Harsh Environment: system rules on the topic.
  • Page 11: Preparing For Installation

    PREPARING FOR INSTALLATION Contents of the kit Before you begin, unpack the shipment and check the parts list against the components in the shipment. Your shipment should contain: • TS2 device • Metal Device Support Plate. Into the device are housed: •...
  • Page 12: Wires Characteristics

    2700m. ® Refer to Table 2.for sizing data cables to be used for LonWorks connection. Type of cable Length [m] in relation to cable capacity Ohm/Km 50nF/Km 100nF/Km 200nF/Km 500nF/Km 1uF/Km 2676 1892 1338
  • Page 13 2153 1523 1077 1707 1207 1394 1096 0,35  Table 2 - Length/Capacity of LONWORKS Data Cables (m)  The FTT10A Echelon v1.2 User Guide recommends the cables indicated in Table 3 Producer and Model Free topology Free topology Connection Connection Connection Maximum total...
  • Page 14: Mounting The Device

    M6 screws and plastic dowels that are to hold up the support plate (see Figure 4). Make sure that the support plate attached to the wall is aligned with the niche on the lower part of the support plate (use a ∅ 5mm cross screwdriver).
  • Page 15: Hooking Up The Device

    Figure 4 - Support Plate Hooking Up the device To hook up the device to the wall, follow these steps (see Figure 1. Attach the upper part of the device to the upper hooks on the support plate. 2. Insert the cables into the device through the specified openings.
  • Page 16 Figure 5 - Hooking Up the Terminal
  • Page 17: Connecting The Cables

    CONNECTING THE CABLES Cables to be connected are (see Figure 6): • DC power supply • LonWorks (RTUs connection) • Ethernet (10/100BaseT) • Battery Figure 6 - Connecting the Cables To connect the cables, follow these steps: 1. Connect all the cables to the board (see below details). 2.
  • Page 18: Connecting The Dc Power Supply

    • Conductor section rigid or flexible min = 0.2 mm max = 2.5 Check: Once the DC Power Supply is properly connected and switched on the CR2 Green Led (+12VDC main power) present on the TS2 main board must be in ON status.
  • Page 19: Connecting The Lonworks Cable

    Figure 8 - CR2 Led position on main board Connecting the LONWORKS Cable From factory is plugged on J6 connector an indirect screw connector. Attach the ends of the LonWork cable heads onto the indirect screw connector provided together with the device (use a ∅ 3mm ®...
  • Page 20: Connecting The Network Cable

    See RTU installation guides to know where the Service button is located. Connecting the network cable The network cable must be a 10/100 BaseT standard unshielded CAT5 cable terminated with an RJ45 male connector. It needs to be plugged on T1 connector.
  • Page 21 Figure 11 - Ethernet 10/100Mbit T1 connector Characteristics of the network connection are: • Auto-MDIX: automatically detects and corrects for straight or cross-over cables • Error free operation up to 150mt: dependable network performance over long distance • Superior 4.0 KV ESD protection: robust operation in Harsh environments Check: Once the Ethernet is properly connected and the TS2 switched on the RJ45 green Led...
  • Page 22: Connecting The Battery

    J2 connector is located on the TS2 main board. Check: Once the battery is properly connected and the TS2 device powered, remove the DC Power supply J1 connector and verify the device is still up and running for at least 1 minute.
  • Page 23: Final Operations

    FINAL OPERATIONS Closing the Terminal To close the terminal, follow these steps: 1. Check that the fitting is positioned correctly. 2. Close the terminal by rotating its cover. 3. Use the two special lateral screws to secure the cover (see Figure 13).
  • Page 24: Factory Fw Version

    FW. To verify the FW application version running on the device and to update the FW version please refers to: Temaline - TemaServer2 Web Interface Guide Maintenance / Downloading the program
  • Page 25: Ts2 Device Anatomy

    TS2 DEVICE ANATOMY Figure 14 provides a graphical representation of the TS2 device and of the boards (Main board and LonWorks Xboard) composing Figure 14 - Graphical representation of TS2 device Figure 15 provides a detailed representation of the electronic and shows the main circuit components.
  • Page 26 Figure 15 - TS2 Main circuit components The purpose of this chapter is to explain in details all switches, led, jumpers and tampers present on the device and the related meaning.
  • Page 27: Ts2 Main Board - Switches And Leds

    TS2 Main board - Switches and LEDs Switch Function Default state Microprocessor Reset or Power OFF, for disconnect the battery, after 12VDC main supply removing Power ON from battery when is needed powered the TS2 without the 12VDC main power source (limited time) Jumper Function Default...
  • Page 28: Device Configuration Jumpers

    Open = battery present Close = battery not present CN1.3 FW application roll back. When the jumper is closed and Open the device is restarted, it restores the alternative version of the application present on the device (if any).
  • Page 29 The activation of LINUX console may be required only for deep debug purpose; don't change this jumper if it is not specifically required from Honeywell Technical Assistance Center. Open = Linux console not active Close = Linux console active CN1.6...
  • Page 30: Ts2 Lonwork Xboard - Jumpers And Switch

    Use only in case of MIP Firmware update Table 6 - Configuration of Jumpers on TS2 Lonwork Xboard TS2 LonWorks Xboard - diagnostic and MIP LEDs There are six diagnostic LEDs on the TS2 LonWorks Xboard as shown in the following picture.
  • Page 31 Figure 18 – Diagnostic Led on TS2 LonWorks Xboard For normal operation, see the LED description as specified in Table 7. Function Note Normal status Presence of a running ON = test application running TS2 test application (red) OFF = test application not present Supervision Ethernet The status of this LED is valid...
  • Page 32: Device Tampers

    From factory, and when external tampers are not used, J1 and J3 are closed with two jumpers. Figure 19 - Tampers For normal operation, configure the jumpers on the main board as specified in Error! Reference source not found..
  • Page 33 Jumper Function Default state Anti-Open Tamper switch Close To connect an external (not provided) tamper Close To connect an external (not provided) tamper Close Table 8 - Tampers If you need to connect an external tamper to the connector J3 you can use the below schematic.
  • Page 34: Operating Instructions & Maintenance

    Using diagnostic Led, present on to the TS2 LonWorks Xboard, it is possible to perform a first quick check of the TS2 application without the use of SW tools. Position of diagnostic Led is shown on the below picture.
  • Page 35 Figure 22 - TS2 Lonworks XBoard diagnostic Led The below table show the checks it is possible to perform, the Led to be checked and possible approaches to overcame the issues. Function Led and Possible failure(s) Approach normal status DL2 = OFF Ethernet If DL2 = ON no Check the Ethernet wiring.
  • Page 36: Ts2 Cable Fuse Replacement

    3. Unscrew the battery plastic fixing. 4. Disconnect the battery leads pulling the wire terminals connectors. 5. Replace the battery with the spare one (6V 1.2 Ah) 6. Connect leads to the battery terminals. Be sure about the polarity (red=+, black=-).
  • Page 37 Figure 23 - TS2 battery replacement diagram The battery is supervised in case of: • Not presence • Low capacity • Protection fuse blowout CAUTION: Risk of explosion if the battery is connected in the reversed polarity. Batteries must be recycled. Disposal of used batteries must be in accordance with local environmental regulations.
  • Page 38: Conditions Resulting In Impaired Operation

    12VDC connected on the LON The protection inside the TS2 will avoid permanently damage, the communication with other device will be effected Table 10 - Condition resulting in impaired operation
  • Page 39: Protective Features (Warning Of Bypassing)

    PROTECTIVE FEATURES (WARNING OF BYPASSING) Unit Name Protective features and warning To reduce the fire risk, do not operate the device over the operating temperature; use specified battery and fuse. To reduce the electric shock risk, do not wire the device during power on condition.
  • Page 40: Technical Specifications

    Protection level IP55 Environmental -10 to 50°C temperature for correct operation -20°C ÷ 50°C Storage temperature Note: During the storage period it is recommended recharge the battery at least once every six months. Storage and operating 0÷90% not condensing humidity
  • Page 41: Regulations

    EN 60950-1:2006+A11:2009 +A1:2010 +A12:2011+A2:2013 EN 50581:2012 “Access Control System for use in Security Applications” Compliance Company name: Honeywell S.r.l. Via Philips, 12 20052 Monza Italy Product name: TS2 Product models: TS2, TS2_AC, TS2-NE, TS2-UL Are in conformity with the following harmonized standard(s) and...
  • Page 42: Canadian And United States Ul Listed

    Reference Number and the product was determined to comply with the applicable requirements. FCC Notice Company name: Honeywell S.p.a. Identification code: PS081204 This device complies with FCC rules Part 15. Operation is subject to the two following conditions: •...
  • Page 43: Rohs Compliance

    In accordance with directive regarding 2012/19/EU waste electrical and electronic apparatus (WEEE) effective since 14 February 2014, Honeywell commits, when requested by the customer, to the collection, treatment, recovery, and disposal of the apparatus produced. Customers in the European Union are advised to dispose this product, at the end of its useful life, in accordance with local laws, regulations, and procedures.
  • Page 44 (15 years) and needs to enter into the recycling system when this period is over.
  • Page 45: Appendix 1 - Meaning Of Graphical Symbols Used

    Appendix 1 – Meaning of graphical symbols used In compliance with “EN60950 Amendment 2 – Information Technology – Safety, General Requirements” this appendix shows the list of graphical symbols used in the product and their meanings. Symbol Meaning Located Keep away from rain Carton To indicate that the transport package shall be kept away from rain and in dry...
  • Page 46