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Notes On Cycling With The Ebike System - Bosch Active Plus Series Original Operating Instructions

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As soon as you stop pedalling when in normal operation, or
as soon as you have reached a speed of 24 km/h, the eBike
drive switches off the assistance. The drive is automatically
reactivated as soon you start pedalling again and the speed
is below 24 km/h.
The following options are available for switching off the
eBike system:
– Press the on/off button of the on-board computer.
– Switch off the eBike battery using its on/off button (bi-
cycle manufacturer-specific solutions are possible when
there is no access to the battery on/off button; see the bi-
cycle manufacturer operating instructions).
– Remove the on-board computer from its holder.
If the eBike is not moved for approx. 10 min and no button is
pressed on the on-board computer, the eBike system
switches off automatically in order to save energy.
eShift (optional)
eShift is the integration of electronic gear-shifting systems
into the eBike system. The eShift components are electric-
ally connected to the drive unit by the manufacturer. The
separate operating instructions describe how to operate the
electronic gear-shifting systems.
Setting the assistance level
You can set the level at which the eBike drive assists you
while pedalling on the on-board computer. The assistance
level can be changed at any time, even while cycling.
Note: In some models, the assistance level may be preset
and cannot be changed. There may also be fewer assistance
levels available than stated here.
The following assistance levels are available as a maximum:
– OFF: Motor assistance is switched off. The eBike can just
be moved by pedalling, as with a normal bicycle. The
push assistance cannot be activated at this assistance
– ECO: Effective assistance with maximum efficiency, for
maximum range
– TOUR: Steady assistance, long range for touring
SPORT: Powerful assistance, for mountain biking and
cycling in urban traffic
eMTB: Optimum assistance whatever the terrain, rapid
acceleration when starting from a standstill, improved dy-
namics and top performance (eMTB only available in
combination with the drive units BDU250P CX, BDU365,
BDU450 CX and BDU480 CX. A software update may be
– TURBO: Maximum assistance even at high pedalling
speeds, for sport cycling
The requested motor output appears on the display of the
on-board computer. The maximum motor output depends on
the selected assistance level.
Bosch eBike Systems
Switching bicycle lights on/off
On the model where the bike lights are powered by the eBike
system, the front light and taillight can be switched on and
off at the same time via the on-board computer.
Notes on cycling with the eBike
When does the eBike drive work?
The eBike drive assists your cycling only when you are ped-
alling. If you do not pedal, the assistance will not work. The
motor output always depends on the pedalling force you ap-
If you apply less force, you will receive less assistance than if
you apply a lot of force. This applies irrespective of the as-
sistance level.
The eBike drive automatically switches off at speeds over
24 km/h. When the speed falls below 24 km/h, the drive
automatically becomes available again.
An exception applies to the push assistance function, in
which the eBike can be pushed at low speed without ped-
alling. The pedals may rotate when the push assistance is in
You can also use the eBike as a normal bicycle without as-
sistance at any time, either by switching off the eBike system
or by setting the assistance level to OFF. The same applies
when the battery is drained.
Interaction between the eBike system and gear-
The gear-shifting should be used with an eBike drive in the
same way as with a normal bicycle (observe the operating in-
structions of your eBike on this point).
Irrespective of the type of gear-shifting, it is advisable to
briefly stop pedalling when changing gear. This will facilitate
the gear change and reduce wear on the powertrain.
By selecting the correct gear, you can increase your speed
and range while applying the same amount of force.
Gaining initial experience
We recommend that you gain initial experience with the
eBike away from busy roads.
Test the various assistance levels, beginning with the lowest
level. As soon as you feel confident, you can ride your eBike
in traffic like any other bicycle.
Test the range of your eBike in different conditions before
planning longer and more demanding trips.
Influences on range
The range is affected by a number of factors, such as:
– Assistance level
– Speed
– Gear shifting behaviour
– Tyre type and tyre pressure
– Age and condition of the battery
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