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General Information; Safety - Haier AV10IMWEWA Design, Installation & Maintenance Instruction

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1. General Information

1.1 Safety

• This manual should always be accessible and close to this air condition equipment.
• There are two types of indications, "
WARNING" and "
CAUTION". The indication preventing from death or
heavy injury is listed as "
WARNING". Even the indication listed as "
CAUTION" may also cause serious accident.
Both of them are related to safety, and should be strictly followed.
•After installation and start-up commissioning, please handover the manual to the user. The manual should be well
kept in safe place and close to the unit.
• The installation or the maintenance should be performed by an authorized agency. The wrong operation of this air
condition equipment may cause water leakage, electric shock or fire.
• Please install the unit on the top of a solid foundation or structure which is strong enough to support the unit.
• The installation of this air condition equipment should follow local construction codes.
• Use the right cable size, secure the terminal firmly, organize the cables well and make sure no tension is added on
cables. Cable insulation should not be damaged. The incorrect installation may lead to overheat or fire.
• When installing or moving the unit, the refrigerant system should be vacuumed and recharged with R-410A
refrigerant. If any other gas enters the system, it may lead to abnormal high pressure which may cause damage or
• Please use the proper manifolds or branches during the system installation. The wrong parts may cause refrigerant
• Keep the drain pipe away from toxic gas vents to prevent possible pollution of indoor environment.
• During or after the installation, please check whether there is refrigerant leakage. If any leakage, please take any
measures for ventilation. The refrigerant may be toxic at some concentration levels.
• The unit is not explosion-proof. Please keep it away from flammable gases.
• The drain pipe should be installed per this manual to ensure proper drainage. The pipe should be well insulated to
avoid condensation. Wrong installation may lead to water leakage.
Both liquid pipe and the gas pipe should be also well insulated. Not enough insulation may lead to system performance
deterioration or humidity formation.
• This air condition equipment is not intended to be operated by persons with lack of experience and training, unless
they have supervision or instruction concerning use of this air condition equipment.
• Please keep children away from this air condition equipment.

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