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Installation - Haier AV10IMWEWA Design, Installation & Maintenance Instruction

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12. Installation

Installation & Startup Quick Guides
1. Installation Procedure
1.1 Drafting of diagram, select the installing place including the wiring and piping
1.2 Pre-installation, including pipe protective sleeves, hooks, supports, etc.
1.3 Indoor installation
1.3.1 Indoor DIP switch settings
1.3.2 Indoor unit installation
1.3.3 Refrigerant piping installation
1.3.4 Drain piping installation
1.3.5 Duct work when install the duct indoor unit
1.3.6 Heat insulation work, including refrigerant pipe and drain pipe
1.3.7 Electric wiring work
1.4 Outdoor installation
1.4.1 Outdoor unit foundation work
1.4.2 Outdoor unit installation
1.4.3 Refrigerant piping connection
1.4.4 Leakage test
1.4.5 Vacuum drying
1.4.6 Additional refrigerant charging
1.4.7 Outdoor maintenance panel installation
1.5 Installation double check for indoor unit, outdoor unit, piping and wiring
2. Startup Procedure
2.1 Check the power cables connection of each indoor unit
2.2 Check the communication wires connection of each indoor unit
2.3 Check the wired controller wires connection of each indoor unit
2.4 Set Protocol translator DIP switches if connected with central controller or BMS system
2.5 Check the central controller or BMS setting if the central controller or BMS device is used
2.6 Check the power cables connection of each outdoor unit
2.7 Check the P,Q connection and the communication among outdoors A,B,C connection
2.8 Check the indoor control type
2.9 Check the indoor communication address when in central control
2.10 Check the indoor central control address when in central control
2.11 Check the indoor group control address when in group control
2.12 Check the outdoor pipe length switch on outdoor PCB
2.13 Check the outdoor capacity over match switch setting on outdoor PCB
2.14 Check the outdoor unit address: the master unit must be No. 1
2.15 Check the outdoor units searching when multi units in combination
2.16 Check the outdoor capacity
2.17 Start commissioning according to the rotary switch function
Please set DIP switches of indoor units before installing indoor units into their final position

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