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Making Calls; Making An External Call; Switching Between Pulse Dialling And Tone (Dtmf) Dialling; Ending A Call - Siemens Gigaset C59H Manual

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Making calls

If the backlight is deactivated (
is switched on by pressing any key. In this
case the pressed key has no other function.

Making an external call

External calls are calls using the public tele-
phone network.
~ c Enter the number and press the
talk key (PSTN).
c ~ Press and hold the talk key c
enter the number.
You can cancel the dialling operation with
the end call key a.
You are shown the duration of the call while
the call is in progress.
Please note
Dialling with the directory (
call list (
page 32) and redial list
page 31) saves you from repeatedly
keying in phone numbers.
Switching between pulse
dialling and tone (DTMF)
The default setting is pulse dialling.
For temporary activation of tone dialling
(for example, to dial an extension or listen
to voice mail messages), press the *
button after a connection has been made
with pulse dialling. When the call is
ended, the phone will automatically reset
to pulse dialling.
Activation of tone dialling instead of
pulse dialling if your provider supports
tone dialling.
Your phone should be in expert mode
page 23)
page 39) it
is displayed, then
page 28),
The current setting is marked with
. Scroll until the required entry is
Press the display key.

Ending a call

Press the end call key.
Accepting a call and Calling
line identification (Russian
AON or CallerID)
The handset indicates an incoming call in
three ways: by ringing, by a display on the
screen and by the flashing talk key c.
If necessary, press the display key
display the number or name of the caller.
Calling line identification is based on either
so-called Russian AON or a CallerID function
that is standardised for digital PBX (for exam-
ple, CLIP FSK is number identification cou-
pled with data transfer to the caller using fre-
quency modulation technology or CLIP
DTMF, dual-tone multi-frequency modula-
You should request the CLIP service (also
known as Digital AON) from your network
provider, if your provider supports it.
This phone model supports Calling Line
Identification using both Russian AON and
CallerID functions (CLIP FSK and CLIP DTMF).
For correct line identification, you should set
your handset to the type of Calling Line
Identification used.
Open the main menu
Press these buttons.
Set Calling Line Identification to
0 if you have CLIP (CLIP FSK or
CLIP DTMF) and press
If you have no CLIP, enter the
number of digits (1-9) transmit-
ted and press
Making calls
Dialling Mode.


Table of Contents

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