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Troubleshooting - LG UltraWide 38CK900G Owner's Manual

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Nothing is displayed on the screen.
Is the monitor's power cord plugged in?
Is the power LED on?
Is the power on and the power LED displaying white?
Is the No Signal message being displayed?
Is the Out of Range message being displayed?
The screen may not be displayed properly when configuring
DisplayPort 1.2 in a Mac product.
Screen display is unstable and shaky. / Images displayed on the monitor leave shadow trails.
Did you select the appropriate resolution?
Does image sticking occur even when the monitor is turned off?
Are there spots on the screen?
Check if the power cord is correctly plugged into the power outlet.
Check the power cable connection and press the power button.
Check that the connected input is enabled (Settings
This is displayed when the signal cable between the PC and the monitor is missing or disconnected. Check the cable and reconnect it.
This occurs when signals transferred from the PC (graphics card) are out of the horizontal or vertical frequency range of the monitor. Please see the Product
Specification section of this manual to set the appropriate frequency.
DisplayPort 1.2 may not be supported depending upon the Mac product. Please contact the manufacturer.
If the selected resolution is HDMI 1080i 60/50 Hz (interlaced), the screen may be flickering. Change the resolution to 1080p or the recommended
Not setting the graphics card to the recommended (optimal) resolution may result in blurred text, a dimmed screen, a truncated display area or
misalignment of the display.
The setting methods may be different depending on the computer or operating system, and some resolutions may not be available depending on the
performance of the graphics card. If this is the case, contact the manufacturer of the computer or graphics card for assistance.
Displaying a still image for a prolonged time may cause damage to the screen, resulting in the retention of the image.
To extend the lifetime of the monitor, use a screensaver.
When using the monitor, pixilated spots (red, green, blue, white, or black) may appear on the screen. This is normal for an LCD screen. It is not an error, nor
is it related to the monitor's performance.



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