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Gas Connections; Electrical Connections; Electrical Wiring; Fluing Requirements - Bosch CascadeTherm Plus CT132-1315SS User Manual

Electric storage water heater
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4.3 Gas connections

Non-compliance with applicable legal
standards may cause material damage,
personal injury, or even death.
The gas connection to the water heater must comply with AS/
• First ensure that the water heater corresponds to the gas
type available.
• Fit a gas isolation valve on the gas supply line as close as
possible to the appliance.
• After installation of the gas supply line, thorough purging
and a tightness test must be carried out.
Size gas supply as per AS/NZS5601. Incorrect
gas pipe sizing will not be covered by the
Gas Pressure
• Size the gas line according to total MJ/h demand of the
building and distance from the gas meter or regulator, so
that the following supply pressures are available at the
heater even at maximum demand (Refer AS5601).
Natural Gas Pressure Inlet
LP Gas Pressure Inlet
Gas Meter
• Select a gas meter capable of supplying the entire MJ/h
demand of all gas appliances in the building
Gas Connection
• Do not use piping with a diameter smaller than the inlet
diameter of the water heater.
• Gas flex lines are not recommended unless they are rated for
• Install a gas shut-off valve on the supply line.
• Use only approved gas piping materials

4.4 Electrical connections

This appliance requires two 240V general purpose power
outlets, one for the water heater and one for the thermostat.

4.4.1 Electrical Wiring

Employ a qualified electrician for the electrical work.
• The electrical supply required by both the water heater and
the thermostat is 240V AC at 50 Hz. the power consumption
may be up to 135W. Use an appropiate circuit.
• Do not disconnect the power supply when not in use. When
the power is off, the freeze prevention in the water heater
will not activate, resulting in possible freezing damage.
• Do not let the power cord contact the gas piping.
• Tie the redundant power cord outside the water heater.
Putting the redundant length of cord inside the water heater
may cause electrical interference and faulty operation.
• To prevent an electric shock, always plug power lead into an
earthed powerpoint.
• Power source to be within 500mm of the bottom of the
water heater and thermostat.

4.5 Fluing Requirements

When installing the unit internally, the water heater needs to
have appropriate fluing using the Bosch flue kits which are
Vertical Flue Kit
The vertical flue kit contains the following components
• 100mm gas cowl
• 1.5m x 100mm diameter gas flex (3 piece)
• Flue pipe adaptor (3 pieces)
• Support struts (2 pieces)
• 3m x 6mm condensation hose
Horizontal Flue Kit
The horizontal flue kit contains the following components
• 100mm diameter flexible flue, 5m long
• Flue sleeve
• Adjustable wall penetration sleeve (2 pieces)
• Clamp
Installation I 11



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