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Shipping; Installation; Location - Bosch CascadeTherm Plus CT132-1315SS User Manual

Electric storage water heater
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8 I Shipping & Installation


Risk of injury from carrying heavy loads and
inadequately securing loads for transport.
3 Use suitable means of transportation
e.g. a hand trolley with strap.
3 Secure the DHW cylinder against slipping
Where possible, transport the DHW cylinder
fully packed to the installation location. This
ensures protection during handling. If you are
transporting the DHW cylinder unpacked, use a
transport net. Protect the connections against
• Position the hand trolley at the back of the packed
CascadeTherm Plus.
• Secure the CascadeTherm Plus to the means of
transportation with a strap as the unit is top heavy.
Fig. 4


The manufacturer's warranty does not cover
any damage or defect caused by improper
installation, attachment, or use of any type of
accessories (other than those mentioned in
this user manual) with this water heater. The
use of unauthorised energy-saving devices may
shorten the life of the water heater, and may
endanger life and / or cause property damage.
The manufacturer disclaims any responsibility
for such loss and / or injury resulting from the
use of such unauthorised devices.
The Bosch KM3211WHNG/LP is an internal
(with fluing) or external appliance, electronically
controlled gas boosted water heater. It comes
supplied and preset to deliver water at a
temperature at 83°C.
Before installing this appliance, carefully check
that all packing materials have been removed
and that the appliance is correct for the gas
supply to which it is to be connected.


System damage through inadequate load-
bearing capacity of the supporting surface or
unsuitable substrate.
3 Ensure that the installation area offers
sufficient load-bearing capacity.
The water heater should not be located in an
area where leakage of the tank or connection
will result in damage to the area adjacent to
it or to lower floors of the structure. In places
where installation in such areas cannot be
avoided, it is recommended that a suitable
catch pan, adequately drained, be installed
under the water heater (Fig. 5).



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