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Toshiba 40G300U Owner's Manual

Integrated high definition lcd tv
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40 46 55G300U EN-A5--Cover-03.pdf ] 2010/3/10
I-_ 10:24:04
Leading Innovation
Foran overviewof stepsfor settingup your newTV, see
Note: T odisplaya HighDefinitionpicture,the TVmust bereceMng
a HighDefinitionsignal(suchas anover-the:air High Definition
TV broadcast, a High Definitiondigitalcableprogram,or a High
DefinitiondigitaLsatellite p rogram).FordetaiB,pleasecontact



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  • Page 1 40 46 55G300U EN-A5--Cover-03.pdf ] 2010/3/10 _;÷ TOSHIBA Leading Innovation Foran overviewof stepsfor settingup your newTV, see Note: T odisplaya HighDefinitionpicture,the TVmust bereceMng a HighDefinitionsignal(suchas anover-the:air High Definition TV broadcast, a High Definitiondigitalcableprogram,or a High DefinitiondigitaLsatellite p rogram).FordetaiB,pleasecontact cable ÷...
  • Page 2 Dear Customer_ Thank you for purchasing this Toshiba LCD TV. This manual will help you use the many exciting features of your new LCD TV. Before operating your LCD TV, please read this manual completely,and keep it nearbyfor future reference.
  • Page 3: Importantsafety Instructions

    importantSafety instructions Read these instrnctions. Keep these instructions. Heed aiiwarnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean onlywith dry cloth. Do not block any ventilationopenings.Install in accordancewith the manufacturer's instructions. Do not install nearany heatsourcessuch as radiators, heatregisters, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.
  • Page 4 24) To avoid damageto this product, neverplaceor store the TV in direct sunlight; hot, humid areas;or areas 25) Always placethe TV on the floor or a sturdy, level, stablesurfacethat can supportthe weight of the unit. To securethe TV,use a sturdy strap from the hook(s) on the rear of the TV to a wall stud, pillar,or other immovablestructure.
  • Page 5 This is normal, especially when the unit is being turned on or off. If these sounds become frequent or continuous, unplug the power cord and contact a Toshiba Authorized Service Center. DANGER:RISK OF SERIOUS PERSONALINJURY ORDEATH!
  • Page 6 7) VESAMounting Pattern 40" 200x200 mm 46" 400x200 mm 55" 400x200 mm Removing the Pedestal Stand 1) Carefully lay the front of the unit face down on a flat, cushioned surface such as a quilt or blanket. Leave the stand protruding over the edge of the surface.
  • Page 7 ® Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Caution: Changes or modifications to this equipment not expressly approved by Toshiba could void the user's authority to operate this equipmenL 40 46550300U...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Setup/Installation menu layout ... Navigating the menu system ... Chapter 5 : Settingup yourTV ... hlitial Setup ... Selecting the menu language ... TOSHIBA Logo LED ... Configuring the antenna input source lbr the ANT/CABLE terminal ... Plr)gramming channels into the TV's channel...
  • Page 9: Features Ol Your New Tv

    Features of your new TV The following are just a few of the many features of your new Toshiba widescreen, HD, LCD TV: * Integrated digital tuning (SVSB QAM) eliminates the need for a separate converter set-top box (in most cases).
  • Page 10: Overview Of Steps Jill" Installing, Setting Up, And Using Your New Tv

    15 Enjoy your new TV! level, the weight of the or other light does not and other Inadequate which will TOSHIBA to your TV. to the TV, to the TV your other plug panel or control turn the TV cords...
  • Page 11: Tv Lront And Side Panel Controls And Connections

    TV front and side panel controls and connections Model 40G300U is used in this manual for illustration purposes. Left side panel Control panel GreenLEDand TOSHIBA LogoLED Power LED(Green) = Power indicator TOSHIBA Logo LED= O11 or Off (_v page 30).
  • Page 12: Tv Back Panel Connections

    (composite) video cable information; separate are required for a complete _ high- video input (with standard for connecting devices with such as a Toshiba video cables carry only separate audio cables connection. 2010/A/16 F@05:48:15...
  • Page 13: Chapter 2: Connecting Your Tv

    Overview of cable types CaNes can be purchased from most stores that sell audio/ video devices. Bef%re purchasing any cables, be sure of connector types required by your devices of each cable. Coaxial {F-type)cable Coaxial (F-type) cable is used fox" connecting antenna, cable TV service,...
  • Page 14: Connecting A Vcr And Antenna, Cable Tv Or Camcomer

    Connectinga VCRand antenna, Cable TV or Camcorder TVbackpanel VIDEO2 inputs on TV right side panel You will need: ., coaxial cables ., standardA/V cables If you have a mono VCR, connect L/MONO on the TV to your VCR's audio out terminal using the white audio cable only •...
  • Page 15: Connecting A Dvd Player With Colorstream _' (Component Video), A Vcr, And A Satellite Receiver

    ConflecUflg a DVD player with ColorStream ® (component video), a VCR, receiver arid a sateJJJte Satellite receiver with componentvideo or DVD player with componentvideo You will need: • coaxial cables • standardA/V cables If you have a mono YCR, connect L/MONO on the TV to your VCR's audio out terminal using the white audio cable only •...
  • Page 16: Connecting An Hdmi Coor Dv] De,Ice To The Hdmi Input

    Connecting aft HDNI ® or DVI device to the HDN] input The HDM[ input on your TV receives digital audio and uncompressed digital video from an HDM[ source device, or macompressed digital video from a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) source device. This input is designed to accept HDCP (High- Bandwidth Digital-Content Protection) wogram...
  • Page 17: Regza-Link ° Connection

    HDM[ standard. ,, This feature is limited to models incorporating Toshiba's REGZA-LI[NK. However. Toshiba is not liable for those operations. Refer to the individual instruction manuals for compatibility information. Note: This feature may not work proper/y depending on the devices that are connected.
  • Page 18: Connectinga Digital Audio System

    Connectinga digital audio system DiGiTAL AUDIO OUT terminal The TV's *Dolby _ Digital or 2-channel down-mixed (pulse-code modulation) signal for use with an external Dolby °_' D igital decoder or other external audio system with optical audio input. will need: + optical audio cable...
  • Page 19: Connectinga Homenetwork

    (Le. no overscanning). Connectinga homenetwork The LAN port allows your Toshiba TV to connect to your home network. You can use this revolutionary home entertainment photo, video and audio files that are stored on a DLNA server aim play/display them on your TV.
  • Page 20: Toconnectthe Tv To A Home Network

    Toconnectthe TV to a home network the hackofyour TV Router with Hub Modern(DSLorCahle} _ [] Sever PC(with DLNA server function) [1] CoaxiaJ or teJephone cabJe (depending modem type) [2] Standard LAN cabJe [3] Do NOT connect a phone jack directJy to the TV's LAN port.
  • Page 21: Chapter3: Using The Remotecontrol

    Your TV remote control is preprogrammed most Toshiba devices (_x"page 23). ff you have a non-Toshiba device or a Toshiba device that the remote control is not preprogrammed to operate: You call program the TV remote control so it will operate the other device (t:_ pages 23-27).
  • Page 22: Learning About The L_Mote Control

    (_:_vpage 24), Q CD 5JH G3: 6_-. TOSHIBA Note: The error message "NO T AVA/LABLE" may appear if you press a key for a function that is not available. 40 46550300UENASindb 1 POWER t urns the TV on and off. When the TV is on, the green LED indicator illuminated.
  • Page 23: Using The Remote Control To Control Your Other Devices

    Usin9the remote controlto controlyourother devices If you have a non-Toshiba device or a Toshiba device that the remote control is not preprogrammed to operate, you must first program the remote control to recognize the device (if you have not already done so) (r,; pages 25-27).
  • Page 24: Remote Control L_Ulctional Key Chart

    Remote Control funcUonaJ key chart No te: o "---" = key does not send a signal in that remote control mode. o "_--TV" = key will affect the TV, even though the remote control is in another mode. o * Not available for your TV Power Sleep timer...
  • Page 25: Programming The Ivmote Control To Control Your Other Devices

    Toshiba devices. To program your TV remote control to operate a non-Toshiba device (or a Toshiba device that it is not F_reprogrammed to operate), follow the steps below. For details on using the remote control to operate the device, see page 23.
  • Page 26: Remote Control Codes

    Onkyo Realistic 03(1 Oritron Samsung Panasonic Sony 014. Star Choice 057, Philips Star Trak 025, 026, 037, 054 Pioneer Proscan Toshiba 000, 001,002, 003, Qwestar 004, 005, 006, 007, Sanlpo 020, 031,056 Uniden 021,028, 030, 032, Sanlsung Sansui 035, 039, 043, 045,...
  • Page 27 Curtis Mathes 001,1105, 0119, 012, 01& 1140,1148, 053,056, Daewoo011, (}13,015,017,018, 1119, 05Z 078 Daytron 1178 Denon (}63 Dilnensia 001, (}48 Electrohome 010,020,065 Emerson 003,1108, 010, 01 I, 017_ 018,020,028,039,1154, 057,1162, 065,068,1172 Fisher 007, 016, 02 l, 022,1123, 1157, 06& 068, 0711, 07k Fuji 004, 041 Funai...
  • Page 28: Chapter4: Men//Layout And Navigation

    Main menu Jayout The tables below and oll the next page provide a quick overview of your TV's menu system. To open the main menus (illustrated below), press Picture Mode Picture Settings Noise Reduction Game Mode Theater Settings Souud Digital Audio Selector Audio Settings Advanced Audio Settings Audio Setup...
  • Page 29: Setup/Installation Menu Layout

    Setup/Installation menu layout The Installation menu contains the Terrestrial Installation To open the menu (illustrated Setup Installation, menu, select a nd press @. Terrestrial [nput Configuration Channel Program Channel Options Channel Tuning Time Zone Signal Meter SystemStatus Navigatingthe menusystem You can use the buttons on the remote control panel to access...
  • Page 30: Chapter 5 : Settingup Yourtv

    initial Setup When you first turn on or reset the TV, the Initial Setup window will appear. Language [)1the Menu field, press 4 or _ to select your preferred language. Press 4 or _ to select Time Zone and set your desired time zone with 4 or _ and press @_.
  • Page 31: Plr)Gramming Channels Into The Tv's Channel Memo U

    Programmingchannelsinto the TV's channel memory When you press (_ or _c,_,j on the remote control or TV control panel, your TV will stop only on the channels you programmed into the TV's channel memory. Follow the steps below to program channels into the TV's channel memory.
  • Page 32: Labeling Channels

    Press A or V to select a channel skipped and press 0. A tick will appear box.To remove the tick, press @ To add a channel to the channel Highlight the checked box next to the channel number you want to add, and then press @ to remove the tick. To manually add digital subchannels...
  • Page 33: Setting The Hdmi _' Audio Mode

    Highlight Done and press @ to save changes, and go back to the Channel Labeling Setting the HDMJ ®audio mode To set tile HDMI audio mode: MENU Press O and open the Sound menu. Setup Highlight Audio and press @. Press A or V to select HDNI 1 Audio and then press 4 or _ to select the HDM[ 1 audio Digital,orAnalog).
  • Page 34: Viewing The System Status

    After the time zone has been set, you will be asked set the current Daylight Saving Time To set the Daylight Saving Time status: Press 4 or _ to select Yes or No, highlight and then press @. Viewing the system status To view system status:...
  • Page 35: Chapter6: Usingthe Tv's F Eatures

    Selecting the video input source to view To select the video input source Press _) on the remote control or TV control panel. And then either: a) Press 0-8; or b) Repeatedly press AW on the remote control and then press @ to change the input; or c) Repeatedly press _) oll the remote control or TV control panel to change the input.
  • Page 36: Tuning Channels

    Press at or V to highlight the video source yon want to label. Press 4 or _" to select the desired label for that input source. If a particular input is not used, yon can select Hide as the label, which will cause that input to be "grayed out"...
  • Page 37 Press Y to highlight History List, and then press 4 or _ to select the setting you prefer: Off. Note: History List will be cleared every time the TV is powered off. 4. Press Y to highlight ART/CABLEList, and then press 4 or _"...
  • Page 38: Setting The Channel Tuning Mode

    To tulle to a channel or input in Select _ACK While watching TV, press _ '_ or _ t_ to open the Channel Browser and surf back to a previous or tbrward to the next item in the list. In Select mode, when you stop on an item in the Channel...
  • Page 39: Tuningto The Next Programmed Channel

    Tuningto the next programmed channel To tune to the next programmed Press or _T_3on the remote control panel. Note: This feature will not work unless you program channels into the TV's channel memory (_, page 31). Tuningto a specific channel (programmedor unprogrammed) Tuning analog...
  • Page 40: And 3 Only) 4 I

    To select the picture size using Select Picture Size in the Theater Settings menu. Press 4 or _ to select the desired picture size setting. 3 Highlight [}one and press @. Note: Some of the picture sizes may not be available depending on the receiving signal format (those will be "grayed out"...
  • Page 41: Using The Auto Aspect Ratio Li:ature

    Native {for 480i {HDIVil), 4 SOp{HDiVil), 7 20p, 1080i, and 1080p signal programs) i©©© ® If receiving a 480i (HDMI), 480p (HDMI), 720p, 1080i, or 1080p signal program, Native mode scales the video to display the entire picture within the borders of the screen (i.e.
  • Page 42: Using The Freeze L;:Atm

    To turn on the auto aspect ratio MENU Picture Press and open menu. TheaterSettings Highlight and press [n the AUtO Aspect Ratio field, select To save the new settings, highlight To revert to the factory defaults, Reset and press @. To turn off the auto...
  • Page 43: Adiusting The Picture Quality

    Adjusting the picture quaIRy You can adjust the picture quality (Contrast, Backlight, DynaLight Brightness, Sharpness) to your personal preferences. Contrast lower Backlight* darker DynaLight** On/Off Brightness darker Color paler Tint reddish Sharpness softer * Backlight This feature adjusts the brightness of the entire screen.
  • Page 44: Digitalcc Settings

    DigRalCCSetUngs You can customize the closed caption display characteristics by changing the background color, opacity, text size, type, edge, and color. Note: o This feature is avai/ab/e for digita/channe/s onl_ ° You cannot set the Caption Text and Background as the same colon To customize the closed captions:...
  • Page 45: Selecting Stel_O/Sap Broadcasts

    Press & or V to select Audio, and then press 4 or _" to select the desired service. EXIT Press G. Selecting stereo/SAPbroadcasts The multi-channel TV sound (MTS) feature allows you to output high-fidelity stereo sound. MTS also can transmit a second audio program (SAP) containing a second language, music, or other audio information (when provided by individual stations).
  • Page 46: Using The Dolby °' Digital Dynamic Range Control Li:ature

    Using the Doihy® DigRal Dynamic Range Control feature This dynamic range control feature causes dynamic range to be further compressed, you to switch from ATSC to analog same dynamic range. To use tile Dolby Digital Dynamic Range Control: MENU Press and open the Sound menu.
  • Page 47: Downloading An Additional Rating System Lot Blocking Tv Pit)Grams And Movies

    The additional transmitted, or controlled by the TV or Toshiba, nor is the availability rating system determined may become Toshiba. Similarly, the rating of programs programs. an additional rating system is not determined, transmitted, or controlled o The additional technology;...
  • Page 48: Lockingchannels

    Independent rating system for broadcasters Mature Audience Only (This program is specifically to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for TV-IVIA children under 17.) L) Crude or indecent Explicit sexual activity V) Graphic violence Parents Strongly Cautioned (This program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14...
  • Page 49: Ldnh)Cking Programs Temporarily

    Unlockingprograms temporarily If you try to rune the TV to a program the rating limits you set, the TV will enter program lock mode and the following message screen: You can either temporarily unlock the program select an unlocked program to watch.
  • Page 50: Using The Pc Settings Li:atulx

    Press _ to select On. When the control panel is locked and any button o13the control panel (except POWER) is pressed, the message "NOT AVAILABLE" appears. To unlock the control panel: Select 0fl in step 5 above, or press and hold the VOLUME- button on the TV control panel for about 10 seconds until the volume icon appears.
  • Page 51: Usingthe Media Player

    ° Do not use a USB Hub. ° You must obtain any required permission copyright owners to use copyright Toshiba cannot and does not grant such permission. ° Depending on the file size and amount in your USB storage device, it may take some time...
  • Page 52: Viewing Photo Files

    Viewing photoflies There are three types of view modes. Multi View: This view allows you to search for photos in a grid format. These pictures are displayed using thumbnail data in each image file. Press A._'4_ to move the highlight window, if all of the photos will not fit in one...
  • Page 53: Viewing Photofiles With Playing Musicfiles At Same Time

    Duringplayback PAUSE/STEP to pause. Press * To resume nomml playback, press (_. SKIP , To locate a specific file, press _ or _ * To adjust volume, press _ / v_ Note: During playback, you can adjust the SOUND menu functions from the QUICK menu. To set tile repeat mode: MENU...
  • Page 54: Viewing Movie Files

    Viewing movie _es You can select movies from a list of available Press A V to select a file or folder. (_ can be used to page up/down the movie list when there are more files than will fit onto one screen. When you select a folder, press @ OH RTN'...
  • Page 55: Setting Up The Network Addl_Ss Lur The Lan Port

    Movie Movie list (Multi view) Sorting (0nly USB storage device) To sort tile tblders and files MENU Press O to open the OuickMenu in the movie list mode. Press A or V to select Sort. Press 4 or _ to select or 0[d to set the sorting rule.
  • Page 56: Auto Setup

    0 minute. that uses CEC technology Toshiba REGZA-LINK fi'om the TV remote via HDM[ 17). in the REGZA- (_:_ page 57) is set to 0u, the functions will be enabled.
  • Page 57: Regza-Lin K°"Playback Device (Dvd Player, Etc.) Cont Ml 56 Regza-Link ° Input Source Selection

    Fast-forwaMs. FlEW (_g) Rewinds/reverses. AV4_ Navigate contents menu, etc. Enters contents menu, EXiT Returns to the previous menu. Note: These functions depend on the devices connected. REGZA-LINK ®Player Control functions: MENU 1 Press 0 and open the Pre{ereuces menu. _) Highlight REGZA-LINR P layer C0utr01 and press @. Press A or V to select the item you want to...
  • Page 58: Displaying Tv Status Inlormation

    From this item, you can set your audio output preference to the TV speakers or the audio receiver speakers. When this item is set toAudio Receiver. Speaker the TV remote can be used to adjust Preference or mute the volmne of the audio. This item will be grayed out unless a REGZA-L[NK compatible audio receiver is connected.
  • Page 59: Chapter 7: Using The Tv'sadvancedfeatures

    Usingthe advanced picture settings features UsingDynamicContrast Dynamic Contrast detects changes in picture quality that affect the appearance of your contrast settings and then automatically adjusts the video. To select Dynamic Contrast preference: Picture From the the menu, highlight Settings and press @. Advanced Picture Settings Highlight Press...
  • Page 60: Selecting The Cinemamode

    Selecting the cinemamode When you view a DVD (3:2 pulldown processed) from a DVD player connected to the VIDE0 1, VIDEO2, C010rStream liD (component video), or HDNI inputs on the TV. smoother motion can be obtained by setting the Cinema Node to Film. To set tile Cinema Mode to Film:...
  • Page 61: Using Mpeg Noise Ivduction

    UsingNPEGnoisereduction The MPEG noise reduction feature allows to reduce visible interference caused compression. Choices for MPEG noise Low,Middle, High.Off are Off, is automatically selected when this feature is disabled To select MPEG noise reduction MENU Picture Press © and open menu.
  • Page 62: Chapter 8: Trouhleshooting

    Generaltroubleshooting Before calling a service technician, please check this chapter for a possible cause of the problem and some solutions you can try. Black box on-screen • The closed caption feature is set to one of the Text modes ([1, T2, T3, or T4). Set the closed feature to Off (_:_ page 43).
  • Page 63 45). • if you forget your PIN code: While code entering four times within previously stored Ho REGZA-LIHR operation the remote * The REGZA-LINK Toshiba REGZA-LINK Make sure the HDM[ Logo (H_"_t_ITI| device. Refer When the connected does not work...
  • Page 64 Network Setup fails (Auto) ,_ The LAN cables are not connected all. Connect all cables. ,, "The DHCP service is not enabled or no router is present. Refer to your router's documentation for instructions on enabling DHCE If you do not have a router, manually set up the network address"...
  • Page 65: Chapter G :Appendix

    Super band (J through W) Hyper band (AA through ZZ, AAA, BBB) Ultra band (65 through 94, 100 through 135) Prover Souree: 120 V AC, 60 Hz Prover Maximum Current 40G300U/40G30U: 2.65 A 46G300U/46G30U: 3.10 A 55G300U: 3.00 A Power Consumption 40G300U/40G30U: 0.6 W in standby mode...
  • Page 66: Acceptable Signal Lbrmats Lor Pc In And Hdmi Terminals

    AcceptaNe signal formats for PCiN and HDN! terminals PC IN signal formats Note: Depending on the connected detection, picture position failure, blur, or judde_ But this is not a malfunction 640 x 480 59.940Hz SVGA 800 x 600 60.317Hz 1024 x 768 60.004Hz WXGA 1280 x 768...
  • Page 67: Limited United States Warranty Lor Lcd Televisions

    Limited United States Warranty for LCD Televisions Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. CTACP') makes the following limited warranties to odginal consumers in the United States. THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES EXTEND TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER PERSON RECEIVING THIS LCDTELEVlSlON AS A GIFT FROM THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER...
  • Page 68: Limited Canadian Warranty Lor Tusbiba Brand Flat Panel Tdevisions

    DAMAGES. THEREFORE, THE ABOVE PROVISIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU UNDER SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES. LimitedCanadianWarranty for ToshibaBrand Flat Panel Televisions Toshiba of Canada Limited ("TCL') makes the following limited warranties to original consumers THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES EXTEND TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER...
  • Page 69 Service of a Television on which the TOSHIBA label or logo, rating label or serial number have been defaced or removed; Damage to the Television caused by failure to follow the specifications, User manuals or guides as to usage and/or storage.
  • Page 70 shall be and remain valid and enforceable. the extent that any provision of this limited warranty as it relates to any of the Related Parties is found to be invalid or unenforceable in resoect of that oarty (the "Excluded Party') the Excluded Party shall be deemed to be severed or excluded from the provision,...
  • Page 71 40_46 55GS001J F_N_ASindb 2010/5/16 7c@ 05:44:27...

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