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(Optional) Configuring Onboard Storage; For More Information - Motorola avigilon 30L-H4PRO-B Installation Manual

High definition professional ip camera
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1. If available, adjust the zoom using the appropriate ring on the lens.
2. If the lens has an auto focus (AF) mode, set the lens switch to the AF position to allow the camera web
interface or Avigilon Camera Installation Tool to control the camera's focus.
a. Click Auto Focus to focus the lens.
b. If the preferred focus was not achieved, use the focus near and far buttons to adjust the

(Optional) Configuring Onboard Storage

To use the camera's onboard storage feature, you must insert an SD card into the SD card slot.
It is recommended that the SD card have a capacity of 64 GB or more, and a write speed of class 10 or
better. If the SD card does not meet the recommended capacity or write speed, the performance of the
onboard storage may suffer and result in the loss of frames or footage.
Ensure the SD card is designed for continuous video recording or the SD card life expectancy may be
adversely affected.
1. Insert an SD card into the camera.
CAUTION — Do not force the SD card into the camera or you may damage the card and the
camera. The SD card can only be inserted in one direction.
2. Access the camera's web interface to enable the onboard storage feature. For more information, see
the Avigilon High Definition H4 and H5 IP Camera Web Interface User Guide.

For More Information

Additional information about setting up and using the device is available in the following guides:
Avigilon Control Center Client User Guide
Web Interface User Guide — Avigilon High Definition H4 and H5 IP Cameras
Avigilon USB Wi-Fi Adapter System User Guide
Avigilon Camera Configuration Tool User Guide
Designing a Site with Avigilon Video Analytics
These guides are available on
(Optional) Configuring Onboard Storage
and on the Avigilon website:



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