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Mounting The Lens - Motorola avigilon 30L-H4PRO-B Installation Manual

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Mounting the Lens

Models 30L-H4PRO-B and 24L-H4PRO-B may have both EF and EF-S indices on the lens mount. These
models do not support EF-S lenses. Use only EF lenses with these camera models.
Important: Avigilon cameras require high-quality lenses to take full advantage of their advanced
imaging capabilities. To avoid poor image quality caused by incorrect lens selection, only use
lenses that are recommended by Avigilon for use with this camera model. For a list of lenses
recommended for use with this camera model, contact your Avigilon dealer or representative.
Note: If the lens includes a collar, the collar must be used to prevent damage to the lens mount on
the camera.
To mount a lens to the camera, complete the following steps:
1. Do not connect power to the camera until after the lens is mounted.
2. If the lens includes a collar, install the collar to the lens first.
3. Remove the dust cap from the lens mount.
4. Align the lens to the appropriate index marker on the lens mount.
Red mark: EF mount index
White mark: EF-S mount index
5. Turn the lens clockwise until it locks into place.
To detach a lens, complete the following steps:
1. Disconnect power from the camera.
2. While pressing the lens release button, turn the lens counterclockwise until it stops.
3. Remove the lens from the camera. Immediately mount another lens or a dust cap on the lens mount
to prevent contamination.
Never touch the image sensor or any glass elements inside the lens mount. Only clean the
image sensor with the recommended cleaning tools.
Do not allow dust, moisture or any other foreign debris to enter the lens mount.
Avoid leaving the image sensor exposed for extended periods of time.
Always cover the image sensor with either a lens or a dust cap.
Mounting the Lens



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