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Motorola avigilon 30L-H4PRO-B Installation Manual page 2

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Important Safety Information
This manual provides installation and operation information and precautions for the use of this device.
Incorrect installation could cause an unexpected fault. Before installing this equipment read this manual
carefully. Please provide this manual to the owner of the equipment for future reference.
This Warning symbol indicates the presence of dangerous voltage within and outside the product
enclosure that may result in a risk of electric shock, serious injury or death to persons if proper
precautions are not followed.
This Caution symbol alerts the user to the presence of hazards that may cause minor or moderate
injury to persons, damage to property or damage to the product itself if proper precautions are not
WARNING — Failure to observe the following instructions may result in severe injury or death.
Do not use near water or expose to dripping or splashing.
Do not place objects filled with liquids above the device.
Do not expose to rain or moisture.
For indoor use only.
If used outdoors, an approved outdoor mounting adapter or enclosure is required. Consult with
Avigilon for more information.
Installation must be performed by qualified personnel only, and must conform to all local codes.
This product is intended to be supplied by a UL Listed Power Unit marked "Class 2" or "LPS" or
"Limited Power Source" with output rated 12 VDC or 24 VAC, 13 W min. or Power over Ethernet (PoE),
rated 48 VDC, 13 W min.
Any external power supply connected to this product may only be connected to another Avigilon
product of the same model series. External power connections must be properly insulated.
Do not connect directly to mains power for any reason.
CAUTION — Failure to observe the following instructions may result in injury to persons or damage
to the device.
Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other sources of heat.
Do not subject the device cables to excessive stress, heavy loads or pinching.
Do not open or disassemble the device. There are no user serviceable parts.
Refer all device servicing to qualified personnel. Servicing may be required when the device has
been damaged (such as from a liquid spill or fallen objects), has been exposed to rain or moisture,
does not operate normally, or has been dropped.
Do not use strong or abrasive detergents when cleaning the device body.
Use only accessories recommended by Avigilon.



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