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Play; Play From A Bluetooth Device; Play From An External Device; Control Playback - Philips TAVS300 User Manual

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4 Play

Play from a Bluetooth device

You can stream audio from a device to this
speaker using Bluetooth connection.
• Make sure to turn Bluetooth on to make a
device discoverable before pairing.
• The speaker and a device must be placed
within 10 meters Bluetooth sensing distance.
Press the
button on the speaker.
- the " " blinks blue to allow wireless
- Bluetooth is automatically enabled on
the speaker if nothing is plugged into
the AUX IN socket.
On a Bluetooth device, turn Bluetooth on
to make it discoverable.
Select "Philips VS300" on the device for
- For an older device, input pairing
password 0000.
- The " " light becomes solid blue when
connection is successful.
Press the B button on the Bluetooth
device to start streaming music.
Disconnect Bluetooth pairing
- Press and hold the
or more, until the " " blinks.
6 EN
button for 2 seconds

Play from an external device

You can listen to music from an external audio
device on the speaker.
Connect an audio cable to the AUX IN
socket on the speaker and the headphone
jack on an external device.
- The speaker is then switched to AUX IN
- The " " lights off.
Press the B button on the external device
to start streaming music.

Control playback

During play
- Turn the volume knob to increase/
decrease the volume.
- Press the BF button to play/pause.
Quickly press the BF button twice to
skip to the next track.
• Works only in Bluetooth mode.



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