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Get Started; Built-In Batteries; Turn On/Off - Philips TAVS300 User Manual

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3 Get started

• Use of controls or adjustments or performance
of procedures other than those specified herein
may result in hazardous radiation.
Always follow the instructions in this chapter
in sequence.
If you contact Philips, you will be asked for the
model and serial number of this speaker. The
model number and serial number are on the
back of the speaker. Write the numbers here:
Model No. ________________________
Serial No. ________________________

Built-in batteries

T h e s p e a k e r c a n o p e r a t e o n b u i l t - i n
rechargeable batteries.
- When the speaker is turned on, and the
batteries are low, the " " blinks.
Recharge the built-in batteries:
Connect one end of a USB cable to the
2A socket on the speaker.
Connect the other end of the USB cable to
an outlet (5V
- When the speaker is charging, the " " light
is on.
- When the batteries are full, the " " light is
• Risk of speaker damage! Make sure the power
supply voltage corresponds to the voltage
printed on the back or the underside of the
• Risk of electric shock! When unplug a USB
cable, always pull the plug from the socket.
Never pull the cord.
• Use only a USB cable specified by the
manufacturer or sold with this speaker.

Turn on/off

Press the
button to turn the speaker on or
- The speaker gives out the prompt sound
when it is on.
- If nothing is plugged into the AUX IN
socket, the " " blinks.
Turn off the speaker automatically:
The speaker turn off automatically in the
following situations:
• In Bluetooth mode: no audio signal from a
Bluetooth device for over 15 minutes.
• In AUX IN mode: no audio device
connected for over 15 minutes.
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