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Assembling The Ice Cream Maker Attachment; For Tilt-Head Mixer - KitchenAid KICA Attachment Instructions

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Assembling the Ice Cream Maker Attachment

for Tilt-Head Mixer*

To Assemble Freeze Bowl and Dasher:
NOTE: Use the Freeze Bowl immediately
upon removal from freezer, as it begins
to thaw once removed.
IMPORTANT: Do not pour ice cream
batter into the Freeze Bowl until all parts
are assembled and the mixer is running.
1. Be sure speed-control is OFF, mixer is
unplugged, motor head is tilted, and
mixing bowl is removed.
2. Place the Dasher inside the
Freeze Bowl.
3. Place the Freeze Bowl on the
Bowl-Clamping Plate.
4. Gently turn the Freeze Bowl in
counterclockwise direction (opposite
direction of mixing bowl) to secure.
The Freeze Bowl should fit the
Bowl-Clamping Plate tightly. If the
bowl feels loose, follow instructions
in the following note.
NOTE: Some Tilt-Head models will
require the adapter ring to fit
properly. First, attach the Freeze Bowl
Adapter Ring to the bottom of the
Freeze Bowl with a counterclockwise
turn, then follow steps 3-4.
* For Bowl-Lift Mixer, see page 8 and 9.
Assembling the Ice Cream Maker Attachment
for Tilt-Head Mixer*
To Attach Drive Assembly:
1. Be sure speed-control is still OFF
and the mixer is unplugged.
2. Motor Head should still be tilted,
and the Freeze Bowl and Dasher
should be in place.
3. Determine your mixer model by
checking for a spring on the
Beater Shaft, then position the
Drive Assembly as illustrated for
proper placement.
No Step
No Spring
4. Slip the Drive Assembly onto the
Motor Head and press upward
until it is securely in place.
* For Bowl-Lift Mixer, see page 8 and 9.
5. Lower the Motor Head to engage
the Drive Assembly with the Dasher.
6. Make sure the Motor Head is
down completely.
7. Place locking lever in the LOCK
8. Before mixing, test the lock by
attempting to raise the Motor Head.
9. Plug the mixer into a grounded
3-prong outlet.

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