Care And Cleaning - Black & Decker Toast-R-Oven TRO220 Series Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker electronic toast-r-oven use and care tro220, tro520
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Baking and Heating
1. Turn the Bake Control Dial to the
desired temperature setting. Always
preheat for 5 minutes and use the Oven
2. When baking, both the upper and lower
heating elements will cycle on and off
during baking to maintain the selected
temperature. Operation is interrupted
when the door is opened. To continue
operating, close the door. Watch for
doneness. (See "Cooking/Baking Guide")
3. When finished baking, turn the Bake
Control Dial to OFF.
Broiling (selected models)
1. Always use the Oven Pan and Broil Grid
together. (B) Turn the Bake Control Dial
to BROIL and close the door.
2. Only the upper heating elements will
operate and glow when broiling: The
heating elements will cycle on and off.
3. Watch food carefully and remove the
Pan and Grid when finished broiling. Be
sure to turn the Control Dial to OFF. (See
"Broiling Guide")
Broil Grid
Upper Position

Care and Cleaning

Cleaning Your Oven
IMPORTANT: Before cleaning any part, be
sure the Oven is off, unplugged, and cool.
Always dry parts thoroughly before using
oven after cleaning.
1. Clean the Glass Door with a nylon pad
and sudsy water. Dry thoroughly before
using the Oven. Do not use a spray glass
Oven Pan and Broil Grid Tips
– Use Upper Position for faster browning
and broiling. Allow at least 1" (2.54 cm)
between food and heating elements. (B)
– Use Lower Position for longer broiling
times or delicate foods (such as fish or
chicken) when you want less brown-
ing. (B)
– Do not cover Broil Grid with aluminum
foil as this prevents fats/juices from
dripping into the Oven Pan.
1. Remove all plastic and paper wrapping.
Rewrap in aluminum foil and place in
Oven Pan.
2. Do not preheat. Turn the Control Dial to
200º F. (93˚ C)
3. The thickness of meats determines
how long to defrost. Start by allowing
15 to 20 minutes per side for meats 1/2"
(1.27 cm) or thicker. Always cook meat
promptly after thawing.
Oven Pan
2. To remove the rack, open the door and
tilt it up slightly until the Rack can be pulled
out through the Rack Hooks. (C) NOTE:
Selected models have Rack Hooks. For
other models, simply pull the rack forward
and out.
Wash the Rack in hot, sudsy water. To
remove stubborn spots, use a polyester or
Lower Position

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