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Washing Programmes - Samsung DW60M6050 Series User Manual

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Washing programmes

Starting a cycle wash
1. Draw out the lower and upper basket, load the dishes and push them back..
It is recommended to load the lower basket fi rst, then the upper one (see the section entitled "Loading
the dishwasher racks").
2. Pour in the detergent (see the section entitled "Using the detergent and water softener").
3. Insert the plug into the socket. The power supply is 220-240 V~, 50 Hz, the specifi cation of the socket
is 10 A 250 VAC. Make sure that the water supply is turned on to proper pressure.
4. Close the door, press the Power button, to switch on the machine.
A click could be heard when the door is closed perfectly. When the washing is over, you can shut off
the switch by pressing Power button.
1. A cycle that is underway can only be modifi ed if it has only been running for a short time. Otherwise, the
detergent may have already been released, and the appliance may have already drained the wash water.
If this is the case, the detergent dispenser must be refi lled (see the section entitled "Filling the detergent
2. Press Power button or Reset button 3 seconds to cancel the programme, and turn on it again, then
you can change the programme to the desired cycle setting.
If you open the door during a wash cycle, the machine will pause. The program light will stop blinking
and the buzzer will beep every minute unless you close the door. After you close the door, the machine
will keep on working after 3 seconds automatically.
If your model has broken memory function, the machine will go on to finish the selected program after
the power cut.
Add a dish
A forgotten dish can be added at any time before the detergent dispenser opens.
1. Open the door a little to stop the washing.
2. After the spray arms stop working, you can open the door completely.
3. Add forgotten dishes.
4. Close the door, the dishwasher will work after ten seconds.
WARNING: It is dangerous to open the door when washing, because the hot water may
scald you. If the door is opened while the dishwasher is running, a safety mechanism is
activated and stops the cycle.
30_ Washing programmes
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