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General Safety Rules - Craftsman 151.98834 Operator's Manual

60v max lithium-ion cordless mower
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This symbol indicates important safety
instructions. If these instructions are not
followed, it could endanger the personal
safety and/or property of the operator and
others. Read and understand all instructions
in this manual before attempting to operate
the mower. Failure to comply with these
instructions may result in personal injury.
This mower was built to be operated
according to the rules for safe operation that
are contained in this manual. As with any
types of power equipments, carelessness or
errors on the part of the operator can result
in serious injury. This mower is capable of
amputating body parts and throwing objects.
Failure to observe the following safety rules
could result in serious injury or death.
Use of this mower should be restricted to
individuals who have read and understood
and will follow the warnings and instructions
that are printed in this manual and on the
■ Remove or disconnect the battery before
servicing, cleaning, or removing material from
the lawn mower.
■ Carefully read all instructions of the mower
in the manual before attempting to assemble
and operate the mower. Keep this manual in
a safe place for future reference, and consult
it regularly.
■ Do not use the lawn mower in damp or wet
conditions or in the rain.
■ Become familiar with all controls and their
proper operations. Know how to stop the
mower and how to disengage the power in an
■ In order to avoid contact with the blade or
injury caused by a thrown object, stay in the
operating zone behind the handles, and keep
children and bystanders at least 50 ft. (15 m)
away from the mower while it is in operation.


3 ― English
Stop the motor immediately if someone
enters the mowing area.
■ Thoroughly inspect the area where the
mower is to be used. Remove all stones,
sticks, wire, bones, toys, and other objects
that could be tripped over or thrown by the
blade. Thrown objects can cause serious
personal injury.
■ Plan your mowing pattern in such a
way as to avoid discharging the material
toward roads, sidewalks, bystanders, etc.
Do not discharge material against a wall
or obstruction otherwise it may cause the
discharged material to ricochet back toward
the operator.
■ Always wear proper eye protection in
order to protect your eyes while operating or
performing any adjustments or repair. Thrown
objects that ricochet can cause serious eye
■ Always wear safety glasses with side
shields. Marked to comply with ANSI Z87.1,
along with hearing protection marked to
comply with ANSI Z87.1,along with hearing
protection. Daily glasses have only impact
resistant lenses. They are NOT safety
glasses. Following this rule will reduce
the risk of eye injury. Use a face mask if
operation is dusty.
■ Wear safety glasses or goggles that are
marked to comply with ANSI Z87.1 standard
when operating this product.
■ Always wear a face mask or a dust mask
when operating the mower in a dusty
■ Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing
or jewelry that can get caught in moving
parts. The wearing of protective gloves and
safety footwear is recommended.
■ Many injuries occur as a result of the
mower being pulled over the operator's foot
during a fall caused by slipping or tripping. Do
not operate this mower in bare feet, or while
wearing sandals or lightweight (e.g., canvas)
shoes. Do not hold on to the mower if you are
falling. Release the handle immediately.

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