Transportation, Storage And Disposal - Husqvarna ST 424 Operator's Manual

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Loss of traction drive/
slowing of drive speed
Loss of snow discharge or
slowing of snow discharge
The lights are not on (if so
The chute rotator is diffi-
cult to move
The product turns to one
Transportation and storage
For storage and transportation of the product and
fuel, make sure that there are no leaks or fumes.
Sparks or open flames, for example from electrical
devices or boilers, can start a fire.
Always use approved containers for storage and
transportation of fuel.
Empty the fuel tank before you put the product in
storage for a long period of time. Discard the fuel at
an applicable disposal location
Possible cause
The belt slips.
The belt is worn.
The belt is off the pulley.
The chute deflector is clogged.
Foreign objects clog the augers.
The shear pin is broken.
Excessive snow and ice build up in between
continous track components.
The engine is not running.
The cable connection is loose.
The LED is burnt out.
The fuse is blown.
There is debris in the chute rotator mechanism.
The cables are kinked or damaged.
The release cable needs adjustment.
The tire pressure is not equal.
The product drives with only one wheel.
Uneven sled adjustment.
Uneven skid plates adjustment.

Transportation, storage and disposal

Adjust the cable. Adjust the belt.
Check / replace the belt. Adjust the
Check / reinstall the belt. Adjust the
Clean the chute deflector.
Remove the debris or the foreign ob-
ject from the augers.
Replace the broken shear pin.
Remove snow and ice build up from
in between continous track compo-
Start the engine.
Do a check of the cable connections
at the engine and the lights.
Replace the LED light module. Indi-
vidual LEDs can not be replaced.
Replace the fuse. Make sure that
there is no short circuit.
Clean the internal parts of the chute
rotator mechanism.
Make sure that the cables are not
kinked. Replace the cables that are
Adjust the release cable.
Adjust the tire pressure and fill the
Inspect the tire lock pin.
Adjust the skid plates and the sledge.
Adjust the skid plates and the sledge.
Safely attach the product during transportation to
prevent damage and accidents.
Keep the product in a locked area to prevent access
for children or persons that are not approved.
Keep the product in a dry and frost free area.
Charge the battery during long-term storage.
Examine and clean the battery terminals before long-
term storage.
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Table of Contents

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