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LG ESS HB 7.0 Installation Manual

Residential battery unit
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Battery unit
LG Electronics strongly advises to take due care in following LGE's
product installation manual. A warranty claim is invalid if damage is
caused by human error, inconsistent with the installation manual.
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  Summary of Contents for LG LG ESS HB 7.0

  • Page 1 18/10/2019 INSTALLATION MANUAL Residential Battery unit LG Electronics strongly advises to take due care in following LGE’s product installation manual. A warranty claim is invalid if damage is caused by human error, inconsistent with the installation manual. MODEL LG ESS HB 7.0 (BLGRESU7H)
  • Page 2 However, this manual is subject to change without prior notice. In addition, the illustrations in this Please note the image shown is for illustration purposes only. CAUTION After installation, the installer must explain the User Guide to the end-user.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Safety 1.1 Symbols ..............5 1.2 Safety Instructions .
  • Page 4 Contents Commissioning 4.1 LED indicators ............. . 27 4.2 Powering up the battery pack .
  • Page 5: Safety

    Safety 1 Safety 1.1 Symbols Caution, risk of electric shock Install the product out of reach of children. Read the instruction manual before starting installation and operation. Heavy weight may cause serious injury to the back. Recyclable Observe precautions for handling electrostatic discharge sensitive devices. Protective Class 1 Caution, risk of electric shock, energy storage timed discharge.
  • Page 6: Safety Instructions

    Safety 1.2 Safety Instructions For safety reasons, installers are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the contents of this document and all warnings before performing installation. 1.2.1 General Safety Precautions extremely dangerous. where explosive gas or chemicals are present. grounded before handling the battery pack.
  • Page 7: Richtlinien Zum Umgang Mit Akkus

    Safety 1.2.2 Battery Handling Guide case of accident. A ventilated area is strongly recommended for handling the product. wearing the insulated gloves. If the battery pack is installed in the garage then ensure the product is above the height of the vehicle bumper and/or door.
  • Page 8: Response To Emergency Situations

    Safety 1.2.3 Response to emergency situations This battery pack comprises multiple batteries that are designed to prevent hazards resulting from If a user happens to be exposed to internal materials of the battery cell due to damage on the outer casing, the following actions are recommended. Fire extinguishing media 1.
  • Page 9: Warning Label

    Safety 1.3 Warning label Warning labels and other relevant labels are attached to the inside of the battery pack.
  • Page 10: Qualified Personnel

    Safety 1.4 Qualified personnel This guide and the tasks and procedures described herein are intended for use by skilled workers acceptable mitigation methods.
  • Page 11: Product Introduction

    Product Introduction 2 Product Introduction 2.1 Technical Data 2.1.1 Dimensions and weight Battery Unit 7H Width Height 688 mm (27.1”) Weight 1) A battery pack’s weight varies slightly. 746 mm (29.4”) 206 mm (8.1”)
  • Page 12: Performance

    Product Introduction 2.1.2 Performance Battery Unit 7H Electrical Characteristics Charge Peak Power Communication Interface User interface Operating Conditions Operating Temperature Humidity Altitude Cell Class 9 Transportation Ingress Rating...
  • Page 13: Feature

    Product Introduction Actual usable energy at the AC output may vary by condition, such as the battery converter, inverter efficiency and temperature. 2.2 Feature 2.3 Packaging specification Category Contents Packaging Corrugated Cardboard Inner Pallet Wood Weight Product Packaging Gross...
  • Page 14: Installation

    Installation 3 Installation 3.1 Mechanical requirements 3.1.1 Unboxing the package A Cut the packing tape and open the carton. B Pull out other items. Take them out and check if any item is missing. C Remove the wall bracket guide pad & cushioning pad.
  • Page 15 Installation D Remove the side pad. E Pull out the battery pack using handles and CAUTION According to regional regulations, several people...
  • Page 16: Items In The Package

    Installation 3.1.2 Items in the package These items are included in the package. Wall bracket 3.1.3 Installation locations Required : under an eave and out of direct sunlight. Recommended : Install this product out of reach of children and animals. CAUTION If the ambient temperature is outside the operating range, the battery pack stops operating to of the battery pack.
  • Page 17: Clearance

    Installation 3.1.4 Clearance and bottom of the product is shown in 300mm (12") installer convenience. 300mm 300mm (12") (12") 300mm (12") Floor 3.1.5 Tools & safety gears required Tools Precision screwdriver Inclinometer...
  • Page 18 Installation Safety gears for personal protection It is recommended to wear the following safety gears when handling the battery pack. Insulated gloves NOTE...
  • Page 19: Mounting Bracket

    Installation 3.1.6 Mounting bracket When installing the battery pack on a wall, make sure that the wall is capable of supporting the weight of the battery pack. Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4 At least 250mm CAUTION The battery pack is cooled by natural convection. If the battery pack is entirely or partially covered or shielded, it may cause the battery pack to stop operating.
  • Page 20: Appearance And Dimension

    Installation 3.1.7 Appearance and Dimension Appearance Proper handling and care is recommended as disassembly, change of color, scratches, leakage of Pack appearance and dimension 688 mm (27.1") 746 mm (29.4") 206 mm (8.1") 3.1.8 System clearance Ceiling 300mm (12") 300mm Inverter (12") 300mm...
  • Page 21: Installing The Battery Pack

    Installation 3.1.9 Installing the battery pack CAUTION cable to the battery pack. A Fix the lift handles to the hex-socket screws on sides. Tighten the screws, ensuring that they are installed with recommended clearances 7 2 0 ( 2 9 ”...
  • Page 22 Installation D Tighten the two hex-socket screws enclosed and remove the lift handles. The nuts for these screws are welded to the battery pack chassis. the bottom of wiring box cover. F Pull the wiring box cover to remove it. CAUTION The wiring box cover is heavy.
  • Page 23 Installation remove the transparent protection cover. CAUTION If you lose or break a protection cover, that violates H Remove the cap on hole in the bottom side, and assemble the / the battery pack installation is outdoor. I Connection Power / Communication cables, according to the labels marked.
  • Page 24: Cable Connection

    Installation 3.2 Cable connection to terminal b . to terminal c . specifications At first, connect the ground wire to terminal b . Then, make connections to the other terminals one after another. Install protection cover before turning on. C Connecting the battery pack to the inverter. circuit breaker Refer to the Installation Instructions for the inverter to connect the power cable and...
  • Page 25 Installation CAUTION Please turn on or off the switch by pushing the middle of the bar. It is forbidden to push either end side of the bar. Any improper use could damage the product. E Close the wiring box cover. bottom of wiring box cover.
  • Page 26: Spring Terminal Blocks

    Installation 3.2.1 Spring terminal blocks Power terminal block Communication terminal block A Power terminal block Pinning Phoenix Contact Pinning Phoenix Contact...
  • Page 27: Commissioning

    Commissioning 4 Commissioning 4.1 LED indicators LED Status Action Power on, Idle Charging Fault...
  • Page 28: Powering Up The Battery Pack

    Commissioning 4.2 Powering up the battery pack A Remove the wiring box cover. The power on indicator on the front should turn on in green. F Close wiring box cover. G Turn on the inverter. CAUTION 4.3 Shutting off the battery pack A Turn off the inverter.
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting 5 Troubleshooting 5.1 Troubleshooting Check the indicators on the front to determine the state of the battery pack. A warning state is triggered when a condition, such as with voltage or temperature, is beyond design limitations. The When the battery pack falls outside prescribed limits, it enters a warning state. When a warning is reported, the inverter immediately stops operation.
  • Page 30: Post-Installation Check List

    Troubleshooting 5.1.1 Post-Installation check List 7. The inverter recognizes the battery. 5.1.2 Troubleshooting guideline If the battery LED is OFF 2. Turn off the disconnect switch. 4. Unplug all the wires and reconnect. Re-check the wiring on the battery is done correctly. Refer...
  • Page 31 Troubleshooting If the battery LED is ON, but the battery is not charging or discharging 1. Update both the inverter and battery firmware version. Refer to the inverter's troubleshooting guide for instruction. 2. Check the inverter's setting for battery. Refer to the inverter's troubleshooting guide for the battery set-up instruction. 4.
  • Page 32 Troubleshooting If the battery FAULT LED is ON 1. Check if the inverter recognizes the battery. Refer to the inverter's troubleshooting guide on the battery set-up instruction. 2. If the inverter is connected to the internet, collect the log file from the inverter company. Refer to the inverter's troubleshooting guide for instruction.
  • Page 33: Uninstallation & Return

    Uninstallation & Return 6 Uninstallation & Return 6.1 Return/replacement instructions 6.1.1 Uninstallation from the wall uninstallation of the battery pack. the bottom of wiring box cover. C Pull the wiring box cover to remove it. that is in the OFF position. After that turn off the disconnect switch.
  • Page 34 Uninstallation & Return F Check for voltage at power cable terminal. communication port. b and finally ground terminal c I Assemble transparent protection cover. Close the wiring box cover, and fasten the screws. socket wrench to detach the battery pack from the wall using lift handles.
  • Page 35: Contact Information

    Uninstallation & Return 6.1.2 Contact information use and may pose a danger to people or property. If the battery pack seems to be damaged, contact These phone numbers are available only during business hours on weekdays. Service Contact Address Telephone Germany Address Corporation...