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Cleaning The Interior And Accessories; Appliance Doors, Side Panels - Miele KWTN 14826 SDE ed/cs-2 Operating And Installation Instructions

Frost free freezer with wine conditioning unit
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Cleaning and care
Before cleaning
^ Switch the appliance off.
^ Disconnect it from the mains.
^ Take any wine bottles and frozen
food out of the appliance and store in
a cool place.
^ Take out any removable parts, e.g.
shelves, for cleaning.
Cleaning the interior and
Clean the appliance at least once a
Remove any soiling immediately - do
not allow it to dry on.
Use lukewarm water with a little
washing-up liquid.
^ Clean all parts by hand. Do not wash
in a dishwasher.
^ Wipe the wooden shelves with a dry,
fluff-free cloth. Do not clean the
wooden shelves with water.
^ Clean the condensate channel and
drain hole in the wine conditioning
zones frequently, so that condensate
can drain away unhindered. Use a
straw or similar to clear the drain if
necessary (see "Cleaning the
condensate drain hole").
^ After cleaning, wipe the interior and
accessories with a damp cloth and
dry with a soft cloth.
^ Leave the doors open to air the
appliance for a short while.

Appliance doors, side panels

Remove any soiling from the
appliance doors immediately.
If this is not done, it might become
impossible to remove and could
cause the surface to alter or
All surfaces are susceptible to
Contact with unsuitable cleaning
agents can alter or discolour the
external surfaces.
^ The surfaces should be cleaned
using a solution of hot water and a
little washing-up liquid applied with a
soft sponge.
They can also be cleaned with a
damp microfibre cloth (without using
any cleaning agent).
^ After cleaning, wipe with clean water
and dry with a soft cloth.



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