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Miele KWFN 8705 SE ed Operating And Installation Instruction

Frost free freezer with wine cooler and ice cube maker.
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Operating and installation instructions
Frost free freezer
with wine cooler
and ice cube maker
KWFN 8705 SE ed
To avoid the risk of accidents or
damage to the appliance, it is
to read these operating instructions
before it is installed or used for the
first time.
M.-Nr. 06 224 110


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   Summary of Contents for Miele KWFN 8705 SE ed

  • Page 1

    Operating and installation instructions Frost free freezer with wine cooler and ice cube maker KWFN 8705 SE ed To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance, it is to read these operating instructions before it is installed or used for the first time.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ......... 4 .

  • Page 3

    Home freezing ........... . 24 Hints on home freezing.

  • Page 4: Freezer Section

    a Wine cooler On/Off button f Freezer section On/Off button b Wine cooler g Freezer section temperature display temperature display h Freezer section c Wine cooler temperature selector buttons temperature selector buttons left hand button: warmer left hand button: warmer right hand button: colder right hand button: colder i Super freeze button and indicator...

  • Page 5

    a Wooden shelf front with descriptive labels b Active charcoal filter c Condensate channel and drain hole d Ice cube drawer with automatic ice cube maker e Freezer drawers with freezer calendar f Marker system for frozen food...

  • Page 6

    Old appliances contain materials which can be reclaimed or recycled. Please The transport and protective packing contact your dealer, your local waste has been selected from materials which collection centre or scrap merchant are environmentally friendly for disposal about potential recycling schemes. and can normally be recycled.

  • Page 7

    This appliance complies with all This appliance contains the coolant relevant legal safety requirements. Isobutane (R600a), a natural gas Improper use of the appliance can, which is environmentally friendly. however, present a risk of both Although it is flammable, it does not personal injury and material damage the ozone layer and does not damage.

  • Page 8

    Before connecting the appliance to The manufacturer cannot be held the mains supply make sure that liable for damage due to a faulty the rating on the data plate connection to the mains water supply. corresponds to the voltage and Connection to the mains water frequency of the household supply.

  • Page 9

    When cooling drinks quickly in the freezer make sure bottles are not Never handle frozen food with wet left in for more than one hour, otherwise hands. Your hands may freeze to they could burst. Danger of injury and the frozen food. Danger of injury. damage to the appliance.

  • Page 10

    Do not block the ventilation grilles in the appliance as this would Before disposing of an old impair the efficiency of the appliance, appliance first make the door latch increase the electricity consumption or lock unusable. and could cause damage to the This way you will prevent children from appliance.

  • Page 11

    In a ventilated room. In an enclosed, unventilated room. Protected from direct sunlight. In direct sunlight. Not situated near to a heat source Situated near to a heat source (radiator, oven). (radiator, oven). Where the ambient room Where there is a high ambient room temperature is ideal at approx.

  • Page 12

    The stainless steel surface has a layer of protective foil to prevent scratching during transportation. ^ Do not remove this foil until the ^ Press the freezer section On/Off appliance has been installed or built button on the right hand side of the in.

  • Page 13

    The safety lock can be activated to prevent the appliance being switched off inadvertently. ^ Press the freezer section On/Off button to come out of the setting mode. The electronics will then switch over to normal operation after a couple of minutes.

  • Page 14

    During normal operation the – if the ambient temperature temperature displays show the average surrounding the appliance is too temperature in the wine cooler and the high. temperature in the warmest part of the The appliance is designed for use in freezer section.

  • Page 15

    ^ You can now adjust the level of brightness by pressing the temperature selector buttons. You can choose from settings 1 to 5: 1: lowest setting, 5: brightest setting. ^ Press the Super freeze button to save the setting. ^ Press the freezer section On/Off button to come out of the setting mode.

  • Page 16

    Your appliance has been fitted with a warning system to protect your stored If one of the doors has been left open wine and frozen food from a change in for more than approx. 60 seconds the temperature and also to save energy. alarm will sound.

  • Page 17: The Correct Temperature

    Wine keeps on maturing depending on the surrounding conditions. The length of time for which wine can be kept in Use the two buttons underneath wine good condition will depend on the cooler temperature display to set the temperature but also the air humidity. temperature.

  • Page 18

    It is very important to store wine in an With Dynamic cooling the relative atmosphere with a high humidity level humidity inside the wine cooler and the (60 - 70 %) so that the corks remain temperature are distributed evenly moist on the outside.

  • Page 19

    The active charcoal filter maintains the air quality in the wine cooler by filtering the incoming air to ensure that all air entering the appliance is fresh and free from dust and smells. Replace the active charcoal filter with a new one once a year (see "Cleaning and care").

  • Page 20: Wooden Shelf Fronts

    Any vibration or movement of the bottle can affect the wine by interrupting the natural respiration process and so impair the taste. As far as possible, store bottles of the same type of wine beside each other on the same shelf. Removing a bottle of one type will then leave the other types undisturbed and will avoid the need to move different bottles around.

  • Page 21

    – Each subsequent press of the button adjusts the temperature shown in To freeze fresh food and to store frozen 1 °C steps. food for a long time, a temperature colder than is required. At this – Keeping the button pressed in temperature the growth of adjusts the temperature continually.

  • Page 22

    Fresh food should be frozen as quickly Switch the Super freeze function on as possible. This way the nutritional before putting fresh food into the value of the food, its vitamin content, freezer section. appearance and taste are not impaired. Food which takes a long time to freeze –...

  • Page 23

    Depending on the amount of food placed in the freezer section, the Super freeze function will switch off To ensure that fresh food placed in the automatically after approx. 30 to 65 freezer freezes through to the core as hours. The Super freeze indicator light quickly as possible, the maximum will go out and the appliance will freezing capacity must not be...

  • Page 24

    lightly before freezing but care should be taken as the taste of some Only freeze fresh food which is in a spices alters when frozen. good condition. – Do not place hot foods or drinks in the freezer. This causes already frozen food to thaw, and increases –...

  • Page 25

    drawers can be removed to give more room. This way food can be stored in ^ When freezing more than 2 kg of the space of two drawers. ^ Remove the drawers above and fresh food, switch on the Super freeze function for some time before below the separator plate.

  • Page 26

    Markers serve as a reminder of how Frozen food can be defrosted in long food has been stored. different ways: Each freezer drawer has two slide – in a microwave oven, markers with dials. The months are – in an oven using the "Fan" or "Defrost" represented on the dials as 1 - 12.

  • Page 27

    When placing bottles in the freezer The cool pack prevents the section for rapid cooling, temperature in the freezer rising too quickly in the event of a power cut. , as they could burst. Place the cool pack in the upper drawer directly on top of food or to save space on the freezer tray.

  • Page 28

    For the automatic ice cube maker to To ensure that the water pipes are operate it must be connected to the thoroughly flushed through before mains water supply. use, ice cubes from the first three ice cube making processes must not be consumed.

  • Page 29: Freezing Fresh Food

    The ice cube maker can be switched off independently of the freezer section if you do not want the appliance to make any ice cubes. ^ Press the On/Off button on the ice cube maker until the indicator light goes out. If the ice cube maker is switched off, the ice cube drawer can be used as an extra drawer for freezing fresh food and...

  • Page 30

    Condensate and frost can build up on This freezer is equipped with a "Frost the back wall of the wine cooler whilst it free" system. The freezer section is in use. These are automatically defrosts automatically. removed and defrosted by the The moisture generated by defrosting appliance.

  • Page 31

    ^ A microfibre "E-Cloth" is available The data plate located inside the appliance must not be removed. It from the Miele UK Spare Parts contains information which is Department which is suitable for required in the event of a service cleaning surfaces such as stainless call.

  • Page 32

    ^ Connect the appliance to the ^ Press the On/Off button on the ice electricity supply. cube maker. ^ Press the On/Off button on the ice The ice cube tray will return to its cube maker. The indicator light will original position.

  • Page 33: Super Freeze

    Miele Spare Parts Dept. the freezer drawers and place them back in the freezer section. ^ Switch off Super freeze by pressing...

  • Page 34: Ventilation Gaps

    ^ Check that the fuse is not defective and that the mains fuse has not blown. If it has, contact the Miele Ser- Use a blunt instrument, e.g. a spoon vice Department. handle or plastic scraper, to prise it apart carefully.

  • Page 35

    The temperature display will show the warmest temperature recorded in the freezer section during the power cut. The wine cooler is too warm or too cold Depending on the temperature in relation to the set temperature or the displayed, you should check the condition of food in the freezer.

  • Page 36

    ^ Clean the condensate channel and drain hole. If you still cannot remedy the fault having followed these suggestions, please contact the Miele Service Department. To prevent unnecessary loss of temperature it is advisable not to open the door while waiting for the...

  • Page 37

    Humming noise made by the motor (compressor). This noise can get louder for brief periods when the motor is switching on. A gurgling noise can be heard when coolant is circulating through the pipes. Clicking sounds are made when the thermostat switches the motor on and off.

  • Page 38

    In the event of a fault which you cannot correct yourself, or if the appliance is under guarantee, please contact: – Your Miele Dealer – The Miele Service Department (see back cover for address). When contacting your Dealer or the Service Department, please quote the model and serial number of your appliance.

  • Page 39

    1.5 and 6 bar. – The stainless steel hose is 1.5 m long. This may only be lengthened by means of a Miele 1.5 m WPS extension hose. The extension hose is available from the Miele Spare Parts Department.

  • Page 40

    Before making plumbing connections, ensure the appliance is disconnected from the mains electricity supply. Connection to the mains water supply should incorporate a mains stopcock with " thread. ^ Connect the stainless steel hose to the stopcock. ^ Ensure that it is screwed into position correctly.

  • Page 41

    The appliance is supplied with a mains The wires in the mains lead are cable and moulded plug ready for coloured in accordance with the connection to an a.c. single phase following code: 220 – 240 V 50 Hz supply. The fuse Green/yellow = earth rating is 13 amps.

  • Page 42

    If this appliance is fitted with a non-rewireable plug, the following information applies: If the socket outlets are not suitable for the plug supplied with this product, it must be cut off and an appropriate plug fitted. The fuse carrier and the fuse should be removed from the old plug and disposed of.

  • Page 43: Climate Range

    with the risk of food deteriorating and Do not place any appliance which going off. gives off heat, such as a toaster or microwave oven, on top of this appliance, as this would increase Air at the back of the appliance gets the appliance's energy warm.

  • Page 44

    ^ Remove the cover caps from the The appliance is supplied left hand hinged. If right hand door hinging is opposite side, and fit them into the required, follow the instructions below. empty holes. ^ Open the lower door. First the side section of the handle must be removed: ^ Pull door handle a towards you.

  • Page 45

    ^ Open the lower appliance door, move Unscrew cover m and hinge bracket o, turn them around and screw in on it downwards and take it off. ^ With the upper door g closed, pull the opposite side. hinge pin f downwards to remove it. ^ Pull bearing bush n downwards out of hinge bracket o and refit it from ^ Open the upper door, and pull it...

  • Page 46

    In the following illustration the lower ^ Loosely screw the handles to the door is not shown in the closed opposite side of the doors. position to make it easier to see what happens next. The mounting plate must fit snugly to the door housing.

  • Page 47

    The air inlet and outlet must not be covered or blocked in any way. They should be dusted on a regular basis. When built into a kitchen run (max. depth 580 mm) the appliance can be installed directly next to a kitchen furniture housing unit.

  • Page 48

    Alteration rights reserved / 1504 M.-Nr. 06 224 110 / 00 en / GB KWFN 8705 SE ed This paper consists of cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine.

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