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Cleaning And Care - Zanussi ZCVH4002 Manual

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WARNING: Electrical Shock Hazard.
Before you clean the appliance, disconnect the mains plug from
the wall socket.
• Allow the appliance to cool down completely before
• Do not immerse cord, plug or appliance in any liquid or allow
moisture to come into contact with electrical parts.
• Clean the outer surface using a moist cloth and wipe over
with a dry, soft cloth.
• Do not use harsh detergents, abrasives or spray on cleaners.
• Don't allow water to seep into the openings or come into
contact with electrical connections.
• Allow sufficient drying time before operating again.
• Clean the air inlets and outlets regularly with a vacuum
cleaner using the brush attachment (with regular use, at
least twice a year).
• When the appliance is not in use. We recommend that, the
heater is re-packed in its original packaging and stored in a
cool, dry place.
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