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Zanussi ZCVH4002 Manual page 10

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1. Before connecting your appliance to the mains socket,
position the appliance upright on the floor, at least 100cm
away from the wall, away from curtains, furniture or wall
2. Insert the mains plug into a suitable 13 amp mains socket.
3. Turn on the power switch on the left hand side of the unit.
4. Touch the power button on the unit or the power button
on the remote control to power on the unit. The
temperature of the unit will be at its highest setting
5. Touch the heat setting button on the unit or the remote
control and select the heat setting you require. The
appliance has 4 power settings and these will be shown on
the LCD display: 1000W, 1300W, 2300W and
protection. The Frost protection is a setting that operates
when the ambient temperature of the room that the
heater has been placed in falls below 5⁰C. The heater
automatically turns on at an appropriate heat setting to
keep the room temperature at 5⁰C or higher. This means
the heater may cycle on and off as and when the
temperature of the room is below or over 5⁰C
6. Select the required temperature by using the '˄' and '˅'
buttons on the unit or the remote control. It is
recommended to select the highest temperature to pre
heat the appliance. It will take 5 - 10 minutes for the
appliance to fully heat up. The thermostat has a range of
5⁰C - 37⁰C.
7. When the room reaches the desired temperature, the
radiator will cycle off and turn on again when the
temperature drops.
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