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Power Requirements; Service Policy; Dealer Technical Support; Internet Systems And Technical Support - Canon Nagel Service Support Manual

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Power Requirements

The Nagel Finisher comes with a 208V power cord (actually rated at 230V)
to be used at the same voltage as the CLC 5000. The Nagel Booklet
Maker/FN5 is installed with the supplied 208V plug, however, a 115V cable
can be purchased separately to operate the Nagel Booklet Maker/FN5 at
The Nagel Booklet Maker/FN5 has an internal switching power supply,
which can be set to handle either 208V or 115V.
The complete Nagel Finisher consisting of the Nagel Booklet Maker/FN5
and the Nagel Trimmer/TP5 must be powered using the 208V setting.

Service Policy


Dealer Technical Support

The following support mechanisms have been established to deliver high
quality and timely technical support services and product information to
Nagel Finisher dealerships. These support services cover areas such as:
system and user software, networking and connectivity issues, electro-
mechanical operations, and other hardware servicing issues.

Internet Systems And Technical Support

Canon U.S.A. Systems and Technical Support Division provides an on-line
technical e-Support Center at
The e-Support Center is your total support resource for Software and
Educational Programs. The on-line technical support includes complete
documentation, downloads and a comprehensive database of common
problems and solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If you do not already have access to the Canon e-Support Center, you can
register by contacting the Technical Support Center during the business
hours of 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time at 1-800-528-2830.

Warranty Conditions

The Warranty Term for the Nagel Finisher is 90 days after delivery to the
original purchaser. The Original Purchaser is entitled to the same warranty
protection offered through the CLC 5000 warranty terms for accessory
items. This product is not covered under WARP. Defective parts replaced
during the warranty term should be returned, along with all applicable
documentation to Canon U.S.A. for processing. Canon's Digital Solutions
Specialists and Regional Service Managers can answer any question
about this program.
Nagel Finisher Service Support Guide
Rev. 0
Nagel Finisher Service Support Guide
September 2001 Page 6