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Technical Training; Certification, Availability And Prerequisite; Course Description; Materials - Canon Nagel Service Support Manual


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Technical Training


Certification, Availability and Prerequisite

Technicians will be trained and certified in the Nagel Finisher two-day In-
House Training Classes held at the Canon Regional Training Centers. The
prerequisite for this class is CLC 5000 series course. Contact your Canon
Regional Training Center or the Canon on-line technical e-Support Center for
specific class schedules and location.

Course Description

The two-day service training agenda will encompass the unique functions
and servicing procedures of the Nagel Finisher. Upon completion of the
two-day training program, the student will have acquired the skills to be
able to:
1. Install the Nagel Finisher and Software
2. Operate the CLC 5000 utilizing the Nagel Finisher
3. Answer customer questions regarding features or functionally
4. Perform general maintenance procedures
5. Troubleshoot the Nagel Finisher
A Nagel Finisher Service Manual will be distributed to each technician at
the beginning of class.


Nagel Finisher service materials may by ordered by telephoning the Parts
Order Desk at 1-732-521-7230 or by fax 1-800-258-0900.
Nagel Finisher Service Manual
Nagel Finisher Parts Catalog

Service Requirements


Authorization Policy

In order to become authorized and maintain your authorization to service
the Nagel Finisher, each dealer location must employ a minimum of one
technician. Failure to maintain an adequate number of technicians can
cause cancellation of the location's authorized status. As a result of being
authorized, the location is ultimately responsible for the service provided for
units that are placed by personnel working out of that authorized location.
Canon USA strongly recommends that each dealership location also have
at least one System Engineer (SE) to aid the technicians in the field to
properly support the customer's System, especially for computers and
computer networks.
Nagel Finisher Service Support Guide
Rev. 0
Nagel Finisher Service Support Guide
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September 2001 Page 8


Table of Contents

Table of Contents