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Escalation Procedure - Canon Nagel Service Support Manual


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Escalation Procedure

The Canon Connectivity escalation procedure diagrammed below will be
utilized for the support of the Nagel Finisher.
Technician escalates the problem to the supervisor and dealership
Nagel Finisher Service Support Guide
Nagel Finsher
Not Operating Properly
technical support
Dealership Needs Canon's Assistance
Call the ISG Technical Support Center
at 1-800-528-2830
Between 9:00AM and 8:00PM
Eastern Time.
If a problem is not initially
resolved, it will be escalated to
the CUSA Engineering Group or
a Digital Solutions Specialist will
be dispatched as required.
Note: In general, initial dealership
response time will be set to meet
the market condition and may be
contractually stipulated.
Dispatches within 2 Hours may
be expected.
Rev. 0
Nagel Finisher Service Support Guide
September 2001 Page 7


Table of Contents

Table of Contents