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Product Overview; Design Features; Nagel Booklet Maker/Fn5; Nagel Trimmer/Tp5 - Canon Nagel Service Support Manual


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Product Overview

The Nagel™ Finisher is a Professional Booklet maker manufactured and
designed for the CLC 5000 by Ernst Nagel GmbH. The Nagel Finisher consists
of the Nagel Booklet Maker/FN5 and may include the optional Nagel
Trimmer/TP5. The Nagel Finisher creates booklets on-line using the CLC 5000
with a majority of functions (booklet size, format, trim, staple modes, etc.)
controlled by either the ColorPASS Command Workstation™ or printer driver.
These same features are also available off-line.

Design Features


Nagel Booklet Maker/FN5

The Nagel Booklet Maker/FN5 is capable of creating professional booklets
from LTR-R to 12"x18" sheets. The staple feature for the Nagel Booklet
Maker/FN5 is used only for saddle stitching.
available on this unit.

Nagel Trimmer/TP5

The optional Nagel Trimmer/TP5 creates a clean cut along the edge of the
booklet and presses the stapled end so that the finished booklet lays flat
and does not have the tendency to open.
Sorting & Stacking
The Nagel Booklet Maker/FN5 will stack documents if booklet trimming is
not required. The maximum stacking capacity is up to 1,000 sheets (LTR-
R to 12"x18") 105gsm paper; transparencies can also be stacked. Sorting
function is available when the optional Shift Tray is installed. With the
optional Shift Tray installed, the maximum stacking capacity is reduced to
approximately 850 sheets.

Off-Line And On-Line Usage

The Nagel Finisher offers both off-line and on-line capabilities. This allows
the user to make booklets using heavy paper
can't handle in Auto duplex mode or make booklets from black & white
documents that are printed by another device. It does require that the
prints are carried to the finisher and fed manually, and not via the CLC

Options To Increase Productivity

• Stapling Head 5000 FN5
o Adds two additional stapling heads to the two standard heads.
• Loop Stapling Head FN5
o A two loop stapling head option.
• Shift Tray
o Separates up to 850 sheets into sets.
Refer to the Specifications for acceptable paperweight on the Nagel Finisher.
Nagel Finisher Service Support Guide
Nagel Finisher Service Support Guide
Corner stapling is not
that the CLC 5000 normally
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents