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Staple finisher and finisher additional tray
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Inner Finisher-D1
Inner Finisher Additional Tray-A1
Service Manual Digest


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Inner Finisher-D1 Inner Finisher Additional Tray-A1 Service Manual Digest Periodic Servicing Adjustment Rev0 Parts Placement Diagram Product Outline General Circuit Diagram...
  • Page 2 Canon will release technical information as the need arises. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new not be copied, reproduced or translated into another language, in whole or in part, without the edition of this manual.
  • Page 3 Explanation of Symbols The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: The following symbols are used throughout this Service Manual. Each chapter contains sections explaining the purpose of specific functions and the relationship between electrical and mechanical systems with reference to the timing of Symbols Explanation Symbols...
  • Page 5 Contents External View 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------- 4-5 External View 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------- 4-5 External View 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------- 4-5 Cross Section ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 4-5 Basic Configuration(Finisher) ----------------------------------------------4-6 Outline of basic operation -------------------------------------------------------- 4-6 Non-sort operation-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4-6 Safety Precautions Offset operation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4-6 Stapling operation -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4-7 Notes Before it Works Serving ---------------------------------------------0-9 General Circuit Diagram Periodic Servicing...
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions ■ Notes Before it Works Serving...
  • Page 7: Notes Before It Works Serving

    Notes Before it Works Serving CAUTION: At servicing, be sure to turn off the power source according to the specified steps and disconnect the power plug. CAUTION: Do not turn off the power switch when downloading is under way. Turning off the main power switch while downloading is under way can disable the machine.
  • Page 8: Periodic Servicing

    Periodic Servicing ■ Periodic Service Works(Finisher)
  • Page 9: Periodical Service

    Periodic Service Works(Finisher) Periodical service Category Part name Part number Interval Remarks Adjusted/ not adjusted Reference Stapler Stapler FM4-2710 CR/500,000 sheets None Processing tray Offset Roller 4A3-1121 CR/1,000,000 sheets None Shutter unit FL3-4298 CR/1,000,000 sheets None T-1-1...
  • Page 10: Adjustment

    Adjustment ■ Basic Adjustment ■ Adjustment at Time of Parts Replacement(finisher)
  • Page 11: Adjustment Item

    Basic Adjustment Adjustment item ■ Adjustment title Use case Details Service mode Adjustment Unit Default value range Adjusting the Shift Amount of When the front shift amount of Adjust the shift amount of the shift roller in the front side. (LV1) -50 to 50 0.1mm...
  • Page 12: Counter

    ■ COUNTER title Use case Details Service mode Adjustment range Unit Default value Inlet static charge eliminator A point in time of the consumption To clear the counter value: Select the item, and then press (LV1) 0 to 99999999 time degree confirmation / exchange Clear key.
  • Page 13: Adjustment At Time Of Parts Replacement(Finisher)

    Adjustment at Time of Parts Replacement(finisher) Measures at Time of Parts Replacement. 1) When changed the following parts, clear a part counter value by all means. Action on replacing the finisher controller PCB title Service mode Default value 1) Before replacing the finisher controller PCB, output the service mode setting values by Shift roller counter (LV1) P-PRINT.
  • Page 14: Parts Placement Diagram

    Parts Placement Diagram ■ List of Parts(Finisher)
  • Page 15: Motors/Switches/Solenoids

    List of Parts(Finisher) Sensors1 Motors/Switches/Solenoids SOL2 SOL1 F-3-2 F-3-1 Part name Part number Reference Part name Part number Reference Entrance sensor STP move motor Shift roller HP sensor Gripper unit move motor Shift roller release sensor Feed motor Entrance roller release /stopper HP Shift motor sensor Shift roller release motor...
  • Page 16: Sensors2

    Sensors2 PCBs [PCB2] [PCB3] [PCB1] F-3-4 F-3-3 Part name Part number Reference Part name Part number Reference PCB1 Finisher controller PCB Gripper unit HP sensor PCB2 Flexible cable broadcast PCB Gripper stapler connection sensor PCB3 Additional tray PCB Stapler move HP sensor T-3-4 Paper surface sensor1 Paper surface sensor2...
  • Page 17: Product Outline

    Product Outline ■ Features(Finisher) ■ Specifications(Finisher) ■ Names of Parts(Finisher) ■ Basic Configuration(Finisher)
  • Page 18 Features(Finisher) • A variety of finishing functions 2 delivery tray + Multi stapling • Large tray capacity (1000 sheets+) Utilize the inner room of the system...
  • Page 19 Specifications(Finisher) Item Specification Stacking capacity Processing tray S size: 50 sheets or Less Length in feeding direction: 138.5mm-216.0mm L size: 30 sheets or Less Item Specification Length in feeding direction: more than 216.0mm- 432.0mm Stacking method Stacking tray descending method Standard tray (lower S size: 125.0mm high or less (125.0mm is equivalent Paper ejection...
  • Page 20 Item Specification Number of paper Small size Plain paper(52-81.4g/ 30m2) : 50 sheets stapled (A4/B5/LTR/16K) Plain paper (more than 81.5g/m2-105.0g/m2): 30 sheets Thick paper (more than 106.0g/m2 - 220g/m2: 2 sheets Large size Plain paper(52-81.4g/ 30m2) : 30 sheets (A3/B4/A4R/LDR/ Plain paper (more than 81.5g/m2-105.0g/m2): 20 sheets LGL/LTR-R/8K)
  • Page 21: External View 1

    Names of Parts(Finisher) External View 3 External View 1 Upper guide part Switchback guide Finisher front cover F-4-3 Cross Section Tray paper holdig arm Stack tray F-4-1 External View 2 StaplerAdditional Tray-A1 Stack extension tray 1 F-4-4 Stack tray Stapler Processing tray Trailing edge aligning plate Shift roller...
  • Page 22: Basic Configuration(Finisher)

    Basic Configuration(Finisher) ■ Offset operation 1.Outline Outline of basic operation Stacking the ejected paper from the host machine onto the processing tray. Every paper stack consisting of 10sheets of paper is offset and ejected on the stack tray. ■ Non-sort operation 2.Details 1.Outline •...
  • Page 23: Stapling Operation

    ■ Stapling operation Gripper evacuating Shift roller nip and connecting to the stapler 1.Outline Shift roller nip connecting mechanism-1 Stacking the ejected paper from the host machine onto the processing tray. Stapling and ejecting the paper stack on the stack tray. connecting mechanism-2 2.Details...
  • Page 24 13) The shift roller starts up to convey the paper stack in the delivering direction and stops 15) When the gripper opens, the connecting lever moves upward to release the connection to after the shift roller evacuates the trailing edge of the paper stack inside the path guide. the stapler.
  • Page 25: General Circuit Diagram

    General Circuit Diagram ■ Service Tools ■ General Circuit Diagram(Finisher)
  • Page 26: Solvents And Oils

    Service Tools Solvents and Oils Name Uses Composition Remarks Alcohol Cleaning: Hydrocarbon (fluorine Do not bring near fire. e.g., glass, plastic, family), Alcohol, Procure locally. rubber parts, Surface activating Substitute:IPA (isopropyl alchol) external covers agent, Water T-4-2 Special Tools None...
  • Page 27: General Circuit Diagram(Finisher)

    General Circuit Diagram(Finisher) Shift Roller HP Sensor Shift Motor Gripper Unit Gripper Entrance Shift Feed Motor STP Move Motor Move Motor Roller Roller Open / Close Release / Release Motor Gripper Front Fan Rear Fan Shift Stopper Motor Stapler CN21 Motor Motor Roller...
  • Page 28: General Circuit Diagram(Additional Tray)

    General Circuit Diagram(Additional Tray) Finisher Controller PCB CN58 Additional Tray Upper / Lower Limit Sensor CN59 Additional Tray PCB CN55 +24V1 Additional Tray Paper Sensor +24V1 SGND PGND TRT2FS PGND SGND SGND TRY2ES CN60 TRY_CN TRY2_UP SGND Additional Tray TRY2_ON TRY2CKS Clock Sensor TRY2_DN...

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