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Introduction; General; Special Features; Type Designation - AEG Thyro-A H1 Series Operating Instructions Manual

Ethernet bus module profinet
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1. Introduction

The operating instructions below serve only as an addition to be used in conjunction with the operating
instructions of the AEG Power Solutions Thyro-A power controller, Thyro-S power switch, and Thyro-
Power Manager in the versions of the types indicated on the covering page. The safety instructions con-
tained therein are to be observed in particular.

1.1 General

The Ethernet bus module can connect up to 8 power controllers of type Thyro-A and type Thyro-S with a
master in any desired order.
Several bus modules can be used on one system.
The power supply of the bus module comes from an external 24V DC voltage source (150mA), which is to
be fed in (reverse polarity protected) at X11.1 (+) and X11.2 (ground). Several modules can be operated
from one power supply.
As short a ground connection as possible is needed at terminal X11.3 for EMC reasons.

1.2 Special features

• The Ethernet bus module connects the devices with several Ethernet bus systems. By setting the
"Protocol" switch to 0, the Ethernet bus module becomes a ProfiNet IO-device.
• function control via LED
• 8 free application outputs X1 to X8 in each case terminal 5
• C-rail assembly

1.3 Type designation

Ethernet bus module ProfiNet

1.4 Abbreviations


1.5 Warranty

In the event of any claims in connection with the Ethernet bus module, please contact us quoting:
• type designation
• fabrication number / serial number
• reason for the complaint
• environmental conditions of the device
• operating mode
• period of use
Goods and services are subject to the general conditions of supply for products of the electrical industry,
and our general sales conditions. Claims in connection with supplied goods must be submitted within
one week of receipt, along with the delivery note. AEG PS will rescind all obligations such as warranty
agreements, service contracts, etc. entered into by AEG PS or its representatives without prior notice
if maintenance and repair work is carried out using anything other than original AEG PS spare parts or
spare parts purchased from AEG PS.
order-no. 2000 000 846
AEG Power Solutions GmbH
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