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Settings; Setting The Protocol; Setting The Number Of Slots; Setting The Device Name - AEG Thyro-A H1 Series Operating Instructions Manual

Ethernet bus module profinet
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5. Settings

5.1 Setting the protocol

The Ethernet bus module supports various real time Ethernet bus systems. The desired system can be
selected using the rotary switch "Protocol". For ProfiNet this needs to be set to 0.

5.2 Setting the number of slots

The number of devices which are connected to the Ethernet bus module is set with the rotary switch
"Slots". After switching on, the Ethernet bus module reads all the parameters of the device. Following this
it starts communicating.
Attention: To change the number of slots when switched on, the switch "Slots" must first be turned to 0.
Communication with the master is then interrupted. Following this the desired number can be set. After
leaving the position 0 you have about 2 seconds time for this.

5.3 Setting the device name

Every IO device is identified by its device name. The setting of the device name can be undertaken using,
for example, the program "Step 7 – HW Config" in the menu "Target system / Ethernet / Edit Ethernet
Fig. 1 Configuration & LED displays
1 Terminal X1
2 Terminal X2
3 Terminal X3
4 Terminal X4
5 Terminal X5
6 Terminal X6
7 Terminal X7
8 Terminal X8
9 Ethernet Port
10 Terminal X11
12 COM0 (BF) LED
13 COM1 (SF) LED
14 Fault LED
15 Switch Slots
16 Switch Protocol



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