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Operator Requirements; Personnel Requirements; Intended Use; Use Of The Device - AEG Thyro-A H1 Series Operating Instructions Manual

Ethernet bus module profinet
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Communication errors
To avoid communication errors please note the following points:
> Use shielded cables.
> Undertake grounding of the bus module (X1.7 to X8.7). Do not ground additionally at the
power controller.

2.3 Operator requirements

The operator must ensure the following:
- The safety regulations of the operating instructions are observed.
- The accident prevention regulations valid in the respective country of use and the general safety
regulations are observed.
- All safety devices (covers, warning signs etc.) are present, in perfect condition and are used correctly.
- The national and regional safety regulations are observed.
- The personnel has access to the operating instructions and safety regulations at all times.
- The operating conditions and restrictions resulting from the technical data are observed.
- Should abnormal voltages, noises, increased temperatures, vibration or similar occur, the device is
immediately put out of operation and the maintenance personnel is informed

2.4 Personnel requirements

Only qualified electro-technical personnel who are familiar with the pertinent safety and installation regu-
lations may perform the following:
- transport
- installation
- connection
- commissioning
- maintenance
- testing

- operation

These operating instructions must be read carefully by all persons working with or on the equipment prior
to installation and initial start-up

2.5 Intended use

The device may only be used for the purpose for which it was intended, as persons may otherwise be
exposed to dangers (e.g. electric shock, burns) and plants also (e. g. overload). The user must therefore
observe the following points:
- It is not permitted to make any unauthorized modifications to the unit or to use any spare parts or
replacement parts not approved by AEG PS, or to use the unit for any other purpose.
- The warranty obligations of the manufacturer are only applicable if these operating instructions are
observed and complied with.
- The device is a component that cannot function alone.
- Project planning must account for the proper use of the device.

2.6 Use of the device

2.6.1 Operation
- Only switch on the mains voltage at the device when there is no danger to persons, system or load.
- Protect the device against dust and damp.
- Ensure that the ventilation openings are not blocked.



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