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Prior To Installation / Commissioning; Maintenance, Service, Faults; Transport - AEG Thyro-A H1 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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2.6.2 Prior to installation / commissioning

- If stored in a cold environment: ensure that the device is absolutely dry. (Allow the device a period of at
least two hours to acclimatize before commissioning)
- Ensure sufficient ventilation of the cabinet if mounted in a cabinet.
- Observe minimum spacing.
- Ensure that the device cannot be heated up by heat sources below it. (see page 33, Technical data).
- Ground the device in accordance with local regulations.
- Connect the device in accordance with the connection diagrams.

2.6.3 Maintenance, service, faults

In order to avoid personal and material damages, the user must observe the following:
- Before all work:
> Disconnect the device from all external voltage sources.
> Secure the device against accidentally being switched back on.
> Use suitable measuring instruments and check that there is no voltage present.
> Ground and short circuit the device.
> Provide protection by covers or barriers for any neighboring live parts.
- The device may only be serviced and repaired by trained electro-technical personnel.

2.6.4 Transport

- Only transport the device in the original packaging.
- Protect the device against damage, caused by jolts, knocks and contamination, for instance.



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