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Troubleshooting; Customer Service - Bosch PLENA Series Operation Manual

Mixer amplifier, 4-zone, 240w
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PLENA Mixer amplifier, 4-zone, 240W


Amplifier does not work and
power LED is not illuminated.
No audio.
The audio output sound is
distorted or sounds strange.

Customer service

If a fault cannot be resolved, please contact your supplier or system integrator, or go directly
to your Bosch representative.
Bosch Security Systems B.V.
Possible cause
Power (plug) is
disconnected and/or the
unit is switched off.
An audio output cable
has come loose or has
not been properly
plugged in.
Input source is not
working correctly.
The audio output cable
has not been properly
plugged in.
The correct cables have
not been used.
The input level is
Music source signal level
is not correct.
Operation manual
Troubleshooting | en
Possible solution
Insert power cord and
switch on the unit.
Check all input and
output audio
connections, plug in
audio cables properly.
Check the input source
is working correctly and
sending an appropriate
level of signal.
Check all connections
are plugged in properly.
Use correct cable type
for input and output.
Turn down the input
signal level using the
level control knob or the
master volume control
Increase signal level for
the source or change the
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Table of Contents

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