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About This Manual; Manual Purpose; Digital Document; Intended Audience - Bosch PLENA Series Operation Manual

Mixer amplifier, 4-zone, 240w


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PLENA Mixer amplifier, 4-zone, 240W

About this manual

Please read this manual carefully before installing and operating the PLENA Mixer amplifier
and retain it for future reference.

Manual purpose

The purpose of this manual is to provide information required for installing, configuring and
operating a PLENA Mixer amplifier.

Digital document

This manual is available as a digital document in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
Refer to the product related information at:

Intended audience

This manual is intended for installers and users of a PLENA system.

Alerts and notice signs

Four types of signs can be used in this manual. The type is closely related to the effect that
may be caused if it is not observed. These signs - from least severe effect to most severe
effect - are:
Containing additional information. Usually, not observing a 'notice' does not result in damage
to the equipment or personal injuries.
The equipment or the property can be damaged, or persons can be lightly injured if the alert
is not observed.
The equipment or the property can be seriously damaged, or persons can be severely injured
if the alert is not observed.
Not observing the alert can lead to severe injuries or death.

Conversion tables

In this manual, SI units are used to express lengths, masses, temperatures etc. These can be
converted to non-metric units using the information provided below.
1 in =
1 in =
1 ft =
1 mi =
Tab. 2.1: Conversion of units of length
Bosch Security Systems B.V.
25.4 mm
2.54 cm
0.3048 m
1.609 km
Operation manual
About this manual | en
1 mm =
1 cm =
1 m =
1 km =
0.03937 in
0.3937 in
3.281 ft
0.622 mi
2019-03 | V1.1 |


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